May 20, 2022

In the modern world, why would a young man choose to be a Catholic priest, and what sort of guy does that? The answers may not be what you expect. On Tuesday, May 24, Bishop Barron's Word on Fire Institute premieres the documentary 'The Making of a Catholic Priest,' for free on its YouTube channel. Read more

May 15, 2022

Is a baby in the womb a human being, a person? This question is at the heart of 'The Matter of Life,' a documentary hitting theaters on Monday and Tuesday, May 16 and 17, as a Fathom Event. Read more

May 9, 2022

'Under the Banner of Heaven' chronicles a horrific crime connected to the LDS Church, but are we getting the whole story? Read more

April 24, 2022

On June 21, Fathom Events re-releases 'ALIVE: Who Is There?,' a subtitled Spanish film about people who encountered Christ in the Eucharist. Read more

April 23, 2022

Who was Billy the Kid? Outlaw? Avenging angel? Cold-blooded killer? Or, as the new EPIX miniseries about him suggests, "More sinned against than sinning?" Maybe so. Read more

April 13, 2022

'Father Stu' may be the most Catholic movie since 'The Passion of the Christ' -- and that was the most Catholic one since 'The Exorcist.' Read more

April 5, 2022

Mark Wahlberg stars in 'Father Stu,' the true story of how a rough-and-tumble boxer and aspiring actor became an inspiring Catholic priest. Read more

April 3, 2022

After screening all of HBO Max's 'Julia,' an eight-episode series about 'The French Chef' Julia Child, I can declare it a delight. Read more

April 2, 2022

Premiering Monday and Tuesday, April 4-5 on PBS, 'Benjamin Franklin: A Film By Ken Burns' profiles perhaps the most enigmatic of the Founding Fathers -- who was also a man of faith, if not the most orthodox sort. Read more

March 26, 2022

I turn to a friend who's an expert on 19th-Century dress (and tea, incidentally) for some fashion commentary on the lush HBO drama. Read more

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