Radio Killed the Blogging Star?!

Radio Killed the Blogging Star?! October 26, 2012

Not that I am one, but online is where I have lived for a very long time, relatively speaking. And so, as I often find when talking — I was just on EWTN’s radio show Catholic Answers Live (with Thom Price filling in for Patrick Coffin) for an hour — I want to embed media and link to primary sources. And so, especially, if you came here after my bumper-car speed ranting (it was an overcaffeinated Friday! Sorry!), here are a few of the things I mentioned:

My interview with the good and holy Kim Daniels, fellow director of Catholic Voices USA (I call her the better one), about being Catholic in everyday life, from National Review Online today, is here.

My interview with Cardinal Dolan in Tampa after his Republican convention prayer is here. I mentioned it tonight in response to a question about the Al Smith dinner. More on this later this weekend when I have a moment. It’s a look at his thinking and a pastor taking these things to prayer.

Relatedly, this is the Today Show miracle I mentioned — and why I think the man is onto something about his prayerful, pastoral approach to media.

This is what Archbishop Chaput said about our voting responsibilities as Catholics as it pertains to abortion. Pass. It. On. I mentioned it in response to a caller’s plea for leaders. We have some and we are called to be thus, too. Share the Good News. Share your shepherd’s clarity in teaching. How about that as a weekend assignment for us all?

Another caller asked me how to engage in the wide world and keep the faith. Mass and Eucharistic adoration. Regular Reconciliation. The Sacraments! Is there any other way?

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