Making Abortion Unthinkable

Making Abortion Unthinkable May 14, 2013

“A primary mandate of our day,” is “to make abortion unthinkable by infusing the culture with the dignity and joy of the alternatives.”

“We need this culture to be awash with beautiful, uplifting stories of love and courage. Of motherhood — biological and spiritual. We need people tripping over stories of self-sacrifice and the redemptive joy of true self-giving love. If we lead with love in upholding the beautiful dignity of each individual woman, women will listen, men will feel a new freedom, young people will be saved from the confusion of their lives … families will be strengthened and even made possible.”

We need to “celebrate women — as creative and grace-filled nurturers — in bold and consistent and demonstrable ways. We need to lift up and reintroduce some natural wonders and in ways people living in 2013 will understand. Yes, using the latest technology and going where people gather. Also by encouraging and telling the stories of real, living women who embrace life in the world we live in, even seeking to answer the universal call to holiness in their lives. The world needs to know the people in this room don’t want to ‘turn back the clock,’ as we are so often accused, but move forward as better stewards and neighbors, demonstrating that real hope exists.”

That is some of what I said Thursday night at the New York Ball for Life benefitting Good Counsel maternity homes last week. The Catholic News Agency published the remarks here, for anyone interested.

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