Avoid the Plague of Practical Atheism

Avoid the Plague of Practical Atheism September 28, 2014

Lukewarmness can be a dangerous road there …

As Pope Benedict XVI said during the Year of Faith:

A particularly dangerous phenomenon for faith has arisen in our times: indeed a form of atheism exists which we define, precisely, as “practical”, in which the truths of faith or religious rites are not denied but are merely deemed irrelevant to daily life, detached from life, pointless. So it is that people often believe in God in a superficial manner, and live “as though God did not exist” (etsi Deus non daretur). In the end, however, this way of life proves even more destructive because it leads to indifference to faith and to the question of God.

Here’s St. John Vianney wanting to help us:

Raise up your thoughts to heaven, and behold the glory of the saints… There is no state so much to be feared for a person as that of lukewarmness, because a great sinner is more easily converted than a lukewarm soul. Let us pray to God with our whole hearts, if we find ourselves in this state, that he may grant us the grace to leave it, and to take that path which all the saints have taken, that we may attain to the bliss which they enjoy. This is what I wish you all.

— via Magnificat

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