March 16, 2015

1. Courage! The devil entices us to give into our fears so that we can later be driven to despair by regrets.— FrSteveGrunow (@FrSteveGrunow) March 15, 2015 2. Origen, from the Liturgy of the Hours today: You are never to walk in darkness; the great and final day is not to enfold you in darkness. Do not let the night and mist of ignorance steal upon you. So that you may always enjoy the light of knowledge, keep always in… Read more

March 12, 2015

1. I love this. 24 Hours for the Lord. Of course Pope Francis would be begging us to go to Confession for his second anniversary. I imagine Fulton Sheen preaching on it as he did one hour for the Lord, his pitch for a daily holy hour. (Which I once talked about at a Young Republican meeting at Catholic University, when they invited me to speak on Ash Wednesday. Funny memory. It was well-received, too! You never know when you… Read more

March 12, 2015

Let’s all schedule Mass into our schedules today or/and tomorrow — have lunch plans today? Tomorrow? — or a drop in to a local church to pray. Before leaving, take a picture of one of the Stations of the Cross. On Friday, send it to your friends/followers on Twitter and Facebook. Maybe email it to friends even. “I took a picture of one of the Stations of the Cross at the Catholic Church nearest my [home/office/etc.].” Maybe add something about… Read more

March 11, 2015

1. Fr. Roger Landry: We Christians should be able to say, “What people has a God so near it as the Lord is to us in the holy Eucharist?” That we would be able to say with wonder and gratitude to be able to have the Lord with us, for example, in Eucharistic adoration, that we could come to spend time with him and have him, as Cardinal Ratzinger says, reveal the meaning of our existence to us, that we’re… Read more

March 9, 2015

1. #PopeFrancis Parish Visit: A Christian Who's Coherent with the Faith Can't Live a Double Life— Greg Burke (@GregBurkeRome) March 9, 2015 2. Without mercy, theology, right, pastoral care collape into bureaucratic pettiness or ideology #PopeFrancis— Antonio Spadaro SJ (@antoniospadaro) March 9, 2015 3. Cardinal Tagle from Manila on mercy. 4. Thomas a Kempis via Magnificat today: No one is so good and devout as to not encounter some worries and troubles in life. When you face tribulation and are… Read more

March 7, 2015

1. "And though every day a man lives may rightly be a day of repentance…" | #dailyeSpiration from St. John Chrysostom— Steubenville (@go2steubenville) March 7, 2015 2. Perpetua and Felicity are the women of the day today. Fr. Steve Grunow from Word on Fire writes: The Christian becomes most fully herself or himself inasmuch as there is a will to be conformed to Christ in suffering and death. Martyrdom, like Baptism, accomplishes a transformation of the recipient into an… Read more

March 6, 2015

1. From a homily today: It is marvelous, isn’t it, that even our sins cannot thwart God’s Providence and grace but are, somehow, turned to good when we repent and when we trust in God rather than our own devices and plans. Joseph did this, and so does the Lord and his holy martyrs. And so must we. Hence, the 14th-century English mystic, Julian of Norwich once said: “It was necessary that there should be sin; but all shall be… Read more

March 6, 2015

How about a #StationsoftheCross challenge for #Lent2015: Let’s get it trending. This Sunday, take a picture of your favorite Station of the Cross from your parish Church. On Friday, let’s get it trending. Like so: #stationsofthecross #stations @kathrynlopez This is the 6th Station from John XXIII Diocesan Center, Lincoln.— Sister Mary K (@SrMaryK) March 6, 2015 Sixth station, Veronica wipes the #HolyFace of Jesus #stationsofthecross #stations St Anthony Church, Fort Lauderdale— Kathryn Jean Lopez (@kathrynlopez) March 6, 2015… Read more

March 5, 2015

1. St. Ambrose (Exposition of the Christian faith): It cannot accurately be said of any created being that he is alone. How can anyone or anything that has fellowship in creation be separated from the rest, as though it were alone? 2. From Fr. Lawrence Lew: Each of us who turn to the homeless and poor with care and attention and mercy and love, who are not indifferent to their needs, do God’s work in helping them to learn to… Read more

March 4, 2015

1. There will always be a hole in our hearts that only God can fill. We're made to know His love and love in return. #AHeartOnFire— Bishop Olmsted (@BishopOlmsted) March 4, 2015 2. I’m overjoyed by this news: The parents of St. Therese of Lisieux will be canonized in the fall. The celebration of these two saints will coincide with another synod on the family in Rome in October, after Pope Francis visits the United States. I interviewed my friend… Read more

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