Boy Scouts Go Off the Deep End

Boy Scouts Go Off the Deep End May 23, 2013

Would you send your 12-year-old son on a camping trip with a gay troop leader?  I wouldn’t.  Just as parents would not send their pubescent girls to sleep in tents with men who are physically attracted to them, parents of boys should be just as wary of exposing their sons to the possibility of abuse.

Nor would I permit my 7-year-old son to join an organization where one of the questions they’d ask is his sexual orientation. Boy Scouts are kids, for Pete’s sake, and they don’t need to be thinking about sex; they need to be fishing and catching frogs.

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Today in Texas, rationality lost to political correctness, and the Boy Scouts of America changed forever.  The Scouts’ 1,4000-member National Council, meeting in Grapevine, Texas, voted to allow openly gay youths to join scouting.  The policy change, which will take effect on January 1, reads:

“No youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.”

At least for now, the BSA will retain its ban on gay adult leaders.

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When Robert Baden-Powell founded the Scouts in 1907, he would certainly never have envisioned the trajectory which Scouting has taken since the Supreme Court ruled that the boys’ organization need not welcome homosexual troop leaders.  The Promise to Self, the third part of the Boy Scout Oath, calls on youth to “keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.”

Blogger Erin Manning, who writes as Red Cardigan, predicted a quick demise of the organization which has for over a century emphasized character development for young men:

You know what?  This is it.  This is the end of the Boy Scouts of America.  Within ten years the organization’s membership will have fallen so precipitously that there will be no point in continuing on.  All those openly gay ten-year-olds who have dreamed of being Scouts will find that there’s no Scouts left anymore.

Okay, that was a bit of snark, because there aren’t really very many openly gay ten-year-olds.  What there are are openly gay 15, 16, 17, and 18 year-olds who think that the only reason parents wouldn’t want them to share tents with boys three or four years younger is homophobia and bigotry.  I guess bigotry is the reason parents don’t like to let their eleven or twelve-year-old daughters go camping with high school-aged boys, too.  I mean, how dare anybody suggest that it’s wrong to make pre-teens or teens share showers and tents with other teens who are sexually attracted to them!  That’s just offensive.

But a whole lot of not-yet-brainwashed parents are not going to be okay with this.  They’re not going to be okay with pro-homosexual indoctrination making its way, as it soon will, into the Scouts under the ubiquitous umbrella of “tolerance” and “inclusion.”  They’re not going to be okay with pressure among troops to recruit gay members to prove they’re not actively barring them from joining (and if you don’t think this is going to happen, you are woefully naive about the end-game of the gay rights movement).  They’re not going to be okay with adding an “LGBT Pride Badge” to the required badges necessary to make Eagle Scout.

So they’re going to take their children out of scouting.  And traditional churches which have sponsored troops and allowed them to meet on church property are not going to sponsor troops or host meetings anymore.  And private Catholic and Christian donors are going to pull their funds away from the Boy Scouts.

The backlash on the Internet tonight, on the first day of inclusivity, has been vociferous.  And with more than 70% of the troops sponsored by faith-based organizations, the organization is likely to lose many sponsors who simply don’t want the controversy.  The resultant exodus will shake the organization to its foundation.

For Catholic parents who want their sons to enjoy the fellowship and good citizenship which scouting offers, without the leftwing politics, may I suggest two alternatives:  the Columbian Squires, and KEPHA.

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  • Maggie Goff
  • m8lsem

    Homosexuality is not pederasty, and pederasty is not homosexuality. I have prosecuted a number of molesters, and all were married with children, except the one who was single and liked to date divorced/single women with children.

    • Cui Pertinebit

      I’ve known two child molesters, who were both homosexual men. The fact is that most homosexuals are more than willing to blur the line with teen boys, since their sexuality is already operating outside the lines, so to speak, and teen boys are beginning to take on the sexual features of men, which homosexuals find attractive. Historically, homosexual activity has had a well-known preoccupation with the handsome youth archetype.

      Also, pederasty is not what is at issue here, since the ban on gay scout leaders still, theoretically, stands. The issue here, is whether it’s a good idea for a gay 17 year old to share a bunk or a tent with other teen boys of about his age, give or take two or three years. To answer that question, ask whether it would be a good idea for a 14 year old girl to share a bunk or a tent with a 17 year old boy. It’s not a question of “pederasty” when you’re dealing with teenagers just a few months apart in age.

      In many ways, the morality of homosexuality is moot; it’s a just plain bad idea to introduce an effeminate element that sexualizes an otherwise innocent and sexuality-free space for maturing into manhood. Though, of course, the immorality of homosexuality is also an important issue, here: having a “non-judgmental” policy about an intrinsically evil and disordered activity, is to announce that the scouts have given in to moral relativism, and are no longer a place for the authentic moral formation of young men.

    • Cui Pertinebit

      I’ve known three men who molested teenaged boys – they were all homosexual men.

      Besides, what’s at issue here, is not “pederasty” (and I would point out that a sexual attraction to essentially sexually mature teenagers is not really pedophilia), since the ban on gay scout leaders, theoretically, still stands. The idea is whether it is a good idea for a gay 17 year old to share a bunk, tent or sleeping bag with another teenage boy of about the same age. To answer that question, you could ask a similar one: is it a good idea for an healthy 17 year old boy to share a bunk, tent or sleeping bag with a teenage girl of about the same age? If you were a girl, would you want to be put in a situation where you had to do that? If you were a teenage boy with a morally healthy revulsion to homosexuality, would you want to be forced to get into a tent with that guy?

      Common sense.

  • Maniacmom

    m8lsem: If 18 year old boys can be attracted to 14 year old girls, why can’t 18 year old boys be attracted to 14 year old boys. My son had a male friend whom announced he was gay; he was 3 years older than my son and made no secret of the fact that he was very attracted to my son. My son had to eventually end the friendship. Do you think he would have felt comfortable sharing a tent with him?

  • Chris Nunez

    Kathy your ‘logic’ is not logical. It doesn’t make sense.

  • Joe

    If you are concerned about this resolution, I highly recommend checking out the Blue Knights Boys Club. Blue Knights is a great Catholic program oriented around earning virtues and learning about the saints in a fun scouting-type environment. You can find more information by going to:

  • Doubting Thomas

    Kathy, can the Catholic Church continue its affiliation with a youth organization that says it is okay to be gay? Does anyone truly believe that a teenager who is open about having same sex attraction is not engaging in homosexual activity? I don’t see how th Church can maintain its affiliation. But they will. Our church leaders are politically correct, the go with public sentiment. They are afraid of alienating the flocks and the cash. Can you say Pharisees?