What Could President Obama Possibly Have to Offer the Catholic Health Association?!

What Could President Obama Possibly Have to Offer the Catholic Health Association?! May 28, 2015

Photo By Bryancalabro (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
Photo By Bryancalabro (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
“Delighted and honored.”

That’s how Sister Carol Keehan, president and chief executive officer of the Catholic Health Association, feels now that President Barack Obama has agreed to speak to the CHA on the last day of their annual meeting in June.

“Disgusted and horrified.”

That’s how I feel about it.

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What in the world, I wonder, could this President have to say to Catholics about health care?

  • He has supported abortion rights through the ninth month of pregnancy, and has jammed his abortion and contraception policies down the throats of those who would object to paying for them.
  • He has steadfastly refused to consider Catholic organizations such as Catholic hospitals, universities and charities as “religious employers.”
  • He and his Administration have sought to impose crippling penalties on Catholic organizations which do not provide coverage that violates their deeply-held convictions.
  • His policies requiring health care institutions to provide sterilization and contraceptive techniques have the unfortunate result of potentially forcing Catholic hospitals across the nation to close.
  • His policies will force many Catholic health care workers to leave their work. A Catholic Medical Association survey in 2013 revealed that nearly 99 percent of more than 265 physicians surveyed said they were concerned that the law will have a negative impact on the doctor-patient relationship. Of those, almost 60 physicians said they planned to retire earlier because of the new law.

Perhaps you recall that Sister Keehan was the recipient of the pen which the President used to sign the Affordable Care Act into law–a tribute for her support, opposing the U.S. Bishops when they expressed concerns about the ACA, and convincing Catholic lawmakers such as Michigan’s Rep. Bart Stupak that their concerns regarding life issues would be addressed.

In a statement released on the Catholic Health Association’s website, Sister Keehan says:

“We are delighted and honored that President Obama will speak to Catholic health care leaders gathered for our 100th anniversary as an association. As long-time supporters of a health care system that works for everyone and pays special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable, we are grateful for the President’s leadership on the ACA.

“This important law has provided meaningful health coverage to at least 16 million people who needed and deserved it, as well as improved both the benefits and finances of Medicare and Medicaid. We look forward to the President’s comments and insights at our Assembly, and to being a continued partner in preserving and improving the ACA.” 

President Obama will give the CHA’s closing address on June 9, with an anticipated 1,000 people in attendance.

I don’t believe for one minute that my little voice will make even a modicum of difference in the CHA’s policy direction. I do believe, though, that it is my responsibility to share my concerns, and to encourage others to express their concerns as well–inviting the Catholic Health Association to abide by Church teaching, and to return to the faith passed on to us by the Apostles.

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  • WalterPaulKomarnicki

    he seems to be unaware of any other point of view other than his own secular one, he seems a cold and callous thug who seems to hide behind the fig leaf of a drone as his excuse for the ultimate in executive dictates:
    terminating with extreme prejudice any who dare cross his path, collateral damage be damned!

    There may yet some day be consequences for such a barbarous approach to international diplomacy and the rule of law.

  • captcrisis

    . . . and his views reflect the majority of American Catholics.
    . . . and he expended a great deal of political courage in finally getting some kind of national health care going.
    . . . and Catholics are more likely to support him, according to current polls, than are any other religious group.

    • kathyschiffer

      Once again, Capt, it comes to this: The Catholic Church does not teach based on majority opinion.

      • Korou

        Not the majority of people. The majority of Catholics. Which is where the hierachy is drawn from. Sooner or later those progressive views are going to pass into the Church, and then it will change its policies.
        If it doesn’t decide to do so before then for the practical reason of arresting its slide into irrelevance, of course.

        • BXVI

          Irrelevant to whom? To God or to the non-believing masses who want to call themselves Catholic and so would change the Church to fit their “modern” views? Jesus didn’t say the Church would be popular. Perhaps there’s a problem when it is?

          • Korou

            Irrelevant to everyone, inside the Catholic Church and out. Like a crazy old uncle who people gradually stop listening to. They may still care for him, but they no longer care what he says. As Captcrisis points out, most Catholics don’t bother listening to the Church anyway. They know they’re not going to receive either wisdom or goodness from doing so.

      • captcrisis

        So it’s the Church’s teaching that Obama is bad?
        Is that your point?

    • BXVI

      Yes, capt, but what is your point? Is it that most self-identified Catholics are lukewarm, have an essentially Protestant mindset, and don’t believe or even try to practice what the Church teaches? For goodness sakes, a huge percentage of American Catholics don’t believe Jesus is really present in the Eucharist. What does that “prove” about the truth or falsity of the matter?

      • Neko

        You wrote:

        a huge percentage of American Catholics don’t believe Jesus is really present in the Eucharist.


        And repeat after me: The Church is not just the hierarchy, the Church is not just the hierarchy…

        • Korou

          It IS! It IS! It IS!
          It doesn’t matter what they laity “think”. Why can’t they just do as they’re told?

  • Will

    Our Catholic doctor retired early over ten years ago. He said he was frustrated by the health insurance “system” then in place. More people are now covered. We could simplify and improve that coverage.

  • Godsaves70

    They are actively trying to bring down the Church. They won’t give up until Saten gets his way. Not that it will work that way in the end, but that’s the whole plan for now.

    • Murica

      Satin will never give up!

      • Neko

        “You Can Be a Good Speller or a Hater, But You Can’t Be Both”

  • J. Boanerges

    Sequi Pecuniam

  • Richard

    Another cafeteria catholic. I’ll be glad when we won’t see Obama’s arrogant God-less smirk on tv ever again.

    • BXVI

      Well, get ready for Hillary. And she’ll be put over the top by the Catholic vote. It makes me want to vomit, but you know it is coming.

      • BXVI

        And Obama is not going away. Hillary is going to appoint him to the Supreme Court.

  • BXVI

    Unfortunately, people like Sr. Keehan have been emboldened by the current pontificate. I mean, just last week they are cozying up to Ban Ki Moon and Jeff Sachs, perhaps the two greatest proponents of population control through abortion and contraception on the entire planet.

    We have to ask ourselves: If he were an American citizen, would Pope Francis have voted for Barak Obama? It seems very credible to believe that he would have (even in 2012, after the HHS mandate was implemented). With Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict, we knew they would raher have gone to prison than be forced to cast vote for him.

    • Neko

      JP II and Benedict would have rather gone to prison than be forced to cast a vote for Obama that Francis will never cast on this planet! It’s an outrage!

  • Francis Bergoglio

    “We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. This is not possible.”

    • BXVI

      Yep. With one sentence Pope Francis essentially gave carte blanche to Catholics worldwide to support “progressive” candidates no matter what their position on the life issues or even religious freedom. As long as they are “for the poor” everything else can be rationalized away. For indiscriminate drone killings? No problem. For unlimited baby slaughter? No problem. For forcing Catholic institutions to participate in moral abominations? No problem. You see, they claim to be “for the poor” and that’s now all that matters because everything else is secondary. Now, as a practical matter, this is how most American Catholics voted already. But there were some who kinda wanted to punch the chad for the forces of secular modernism and just couldn’t do it. Now they will not have the same reservations.

      • Sue Korlan

        There is no one poorer than an unborn child. The only thing it has is its life.

      • Neko

        By your reckoning Catholics are a bunch of zombies whose political decisions turn on a dime. Of course, this has nothing to do with reality, but then, neither does the rest of your rhetoric.

      • Korou

        In that case: thank you, Pope Francis.

    • Korou

      Except on certain conservative Catholic blogs.

  • Conservative Catholicism 101

    Remember the First Commandment and Last Commandment: Abortion abortion abortion contraception abortion abortion abortion. Gay marriage gays abortion contraception. Evil gays gay gay abortion.

    • Neko

      Bwa ha ha!

  • BXVI

    Last comment here. I am sure that this fall Pope Francis will express that he is “delighted and honored” to meet with Obama. They’ll be all smiles and embraces and will talk about the poor and global warming for the cameras, and nothing will be said about abortion, homosexual marriage, or the HHS mandate. He will in effect give a papal seal of approval to President Obama and his agenda. Doubt it? Just watch.

  • ConofChi

    I thought the Vatican had sorted out the American nuns. Just wondering from the other side of the pond…..

  • Jhawk77

    For many Catholics their social gospel trumps the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it would seem to be true to those in the CHA.

  • Joseph

    This is disturbing, to say the least. Even if the ACA is as great as this judges it to be, the USCCB has had to fight this president tooth and nail for religious liberty precisely as regards the healthcare ideology he put in place. To unite an enemy of your conscience and existence to address you is foolish.