Just In: Statement from the Holy See on Paris Terrorism

Just In: Statement from the Holy See on Paris Terrorism November 13, 2015

This just out from Salt + Light TV:  The Holy See Press Office has released a statement following the terrible news from Paris.

It’s not available yet in English, except for this translation, courtesy of Fr. Thomas Rosica.


Statement from Holy Ssee

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  • Noel David

    Wherever and whenever innocent people are killed (even a single person or a handful of them) in ANY part of the earth – be it by militants, tyrants, rulers or others, the World Body i.e. Leaders/People of ALL Nations and Religions need to come out and condemn these brutal acts vehemently in unison and they ought to take immediate actions to stop these heinous killings -…instead of watching in silence for years as thousands are oppressed and brutally killed – only to wake up when a major incident like this takes place…. Every life taken away mercilessly by ANY power/person on earth should matter to us and immediate steps should be taken to stop the oppressors/killers in the bud – before they grow into a monstrous and deadly force….