Daniel: A Children’s Story??

Daniel: A Children’s Story?? April 6, 2023

Keeping Fear Alive

The story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den has become a popular children’s story. However, the context is much more profound. In the current age of fear we live in, those in power want to find new ways to keep the fear alive continually. Moreover, they do not want it to go away. Because, again, fear equals control which ultimately creates corruption and harm to many. How can we find the lesson needed in this “children’s story?”

When the motive is clear (What Daniel teaches us)

If we take the time to read the account of Daniel, we see similar circumstances in today’s climate. The ones in charge at that time wanted complete control, even down to how someone could pray. Likewise, those around the King lusted for more power. As a result, they devised a plan. They got in his ear and convinced him to write a decree to stop anyone from praying to any mortal or other gods except for the King. They deceptively had him sign this decree while never exposing their true intentions. Again, the desire for power drove them with no regard for who or what their actions would hurt.

Corrupt hearts, and jealous spirits, drove them to contrive a plan to remove Daniel. They saw him as a threat to their potential rise in power. But unfortunately for them, a legitimate claim of wrong against Daniel didn’t exist. As a result, they created what they hoped would be a trap to snare Daniel. Subsequently, they would use his Faith against him, for they knew it was sincere. They fully trusted that Daniel would not comply with a command to stop praying to God.

The King signed the order, and the word went out. He never thought it would affect him personally, but it did because the King liked Daniel. He saw goodness in Daniel. His reputation was in high standing.

The Depth of Faith (Daniel opened the window)

Again, we see the wicked hearts of those who sought to hurt an innocent person. Sadly, this is now a normal part of our culture. The ones who hated Daniel saw his Faith as a threat. Such would be similar thoughts about Jesus and those who wanted Him removed. They saw Jesus and those who followed Him as threatening their rule. Daniel, we read, knew of the order but paid it no mind. In Daniel Chapter Six, we read that his home had windows, which he left open when he prayed. He was not ashamed of his Faith in God.

The Power of Faith

We learn that Daniel had to appear before the King for violating the decree, as his prayers were to God rather than the King. Having given no thought to the effect of this decree, the King was shocked to realize that his friend was now a victim because of his order. So, he tried rescinding this order, but those around him would not allow it. They reminded him it stood as law and could not change once He signed it. Even so, Daniel stood firm in his Faith while facing the horror of (being eaten alive by lions). Finally, the King asked Daniel for assurance that he honestly believed God would take care of him. Daniel never wavered and was escorted to the lion’s den to face death.

Conviction brings change

We learn that the King could not eat or sleep all night. He paced, worried, and felt guilty due to his decree, but even more so because those he trusted to help him harmed him. In great anticipation, the following morning, he rushed to the lion’s den and found Daniel alive and well. Immediately the King proclaimed in Daniel 6:25-27

“Peace be multiplied unto you. I make a decree, That in every dominion of my kingdom men tremble and fear before the God of Daniel: for he is the living God, and steadfast forever, and His kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and his dominion shall be even unto the end.

He delivers and rescues, and He works signs and wonders in Heaven and Earth, Who has delivered Daniel from the power of the lions.”


How strong is your Faith?

Are you willing to leave your windows open regardless of a King’s decree?

One man’s Faith changed an entire kingdom.

Will we consider that the Faith of many can put our nation back on track and move it to a much better place?

Will you be a Daniel today?

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