Marketing Fear

Marketing Fear April 11, 2023

Signs are everywhere for marketing fear

The main point of marketing is to get your attention. The marketer desires to cause you to have enough interest that you might be willing to buy or look at the product. So the number one reason for billboards along the interstate highway is to cause you to stop during your travels. Most of the signs are for restaurants. The idea is to plant the image in your thoughts to create hunger or at least the thought that whatever is on that sign would be refreshing and filling.

The intent is placing the idea or product in front of you enough,so  you will eventually take part one way or another. We find this easy to grasp when it comes to food items or even household products. But do we realize this SAME scheme gets enacted regarding fear and discord?

What’s for sale?

The enemy we fight against is serious about keeping life confusing. He is cunning and willing to use any tool to sell his products. He sells fear, discord, division, hate, wickedness, and anything that keeps us from loving God or each other. While he may not have billboards up along the highway or commercials during primetime television hours, he speaks through many in those very places. He has many outlets and uses them continually to keep everything in disarray. He is a master of marketing. He will use any method necessary.

The real agenda (behind the fear)

There is no coincidence that fear is the driving point that gets hammered and hammered through nearly every news broadcast. If a person remains in constant fear, they are no longer free. The enemy loves that because he hates freedom. He hates it because that is what Jesus came to give, life and it more abundantly.

No freedom/No living to the fullest

The current climate we see today causes or should cause everyone to pause and look at life. A life paralyzed by fear, worry, and uncertainty is not fully functioning. Such living is not what the Lord intended for us. Jesus gave His life so that we could find freedom in Him and have the power and authority to tell the enemy to get away, to get under our feet where he belongs. We must place faith over fear if we intend to run this race well.

Our protection/ Our answer

I recently taught several lessons on the whole armor of God. The enemy we face will use every dirty trick in the book to bring harm or distraction to our life. Therefore, our only guaranteed protection is the armor God provides for us. To fully grasp this armor’s power and strength, we must see that in Ephesians, the Apostle Paul only speaks of putting the armor on but never says anything about removing it. In other words, we always need it because the enemy is relentless; he never gives up because he hopes we will, so his marketing continues daily.

Encouragement to keep fighting (don’t buy the fear)

I know these last several years have been scary for many people. But friends, we need the comfort that comes from knowing, and I mean genuinely knowing, Jesus as Lord and Savior of our lives. I know things seem uncertain right now, and there can be many reasons to feel like fear should be a constant feeling or emotion, but never forget that in Scripture, we find the phrase “fear not” over 365 times. This statement is a daily reminder that God is always with us, no matter the storm we may be facing. The enemy will continue marketing his junk. However, when we consider all Christ has done for us, we should never respond to anything offered to us that will hinder our faith.

Have a blessed day, everyone.

Pastor Andy


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Dr. Andy McDaniel has served in ministry now for over twenty years. He serves as Sr. Pastor of West Fayetteville Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Pastor Andy and his wife Melissa have three daughters and two grandsons. His passion for those who have yet to meet Christ is deep. In addition to teaching and preaching, he loves to write and produces a daily video lesson called "Making it Simple." You can read more about the author here.

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