Answers found at the Cross

Answers found at the Cross May 17, 2023



Seeking Answers

What are the answers we find at the cross? I saw this comment some time back:”I may have a few screws loose, but 3 NAILS hold me together.”  We all know that life is not always a comfortable journey. We have all had ups and downs. However, Jesus said that if we follow Him, we are guaranteed some issues because we are not going by the world’s ways. The Bible teaches that we are no longer of the world if we are in Christ. In other words, we may be in the world but praise God; we are just passing through.

Finding answers in the chaos (it’s the Cross)

We are certainly seeing a massive amount of confusion today. Things we have never imagined could occur and things we wish were not taking place. For example, I saw a poor guy nearly have a heart attack recently while standing in line (at an unnamed store); an alarm went off because (as he heard from a worker) he was too close to the person in front of him.

Confusion, chaos, unrest, and hysteria are all from the devil himself. His plan is simple: keep people divided literally on every issue possible. The more he can keep things confused, the more he can put us at odds on right and wrong; his job of stopping progress gets simpler.

When or if we will stop and think about who we serve, who we trust, and who we believe, then we understand that all things are possible with God. It is much easier to state this at a church service or a Bible study; however, the real test is how we live that statement out.

Do We Remember that we have the answer?

Friends, we serve a mighty God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills. In other words, He has a lack of nothing. Therefore, we can state that all things are possible with Him, but we can also live that statement out and do so in public if you will.

But how often do we forget that? I am speaking not just about material things or wealth; our attitudes and expressions are also in this category. We are God’s children; we should be excited about that and excited enough to tell somebody. Our desire should include wanting everyone to know how to look tomorrow in the eye and believe it will all work out. As the song goes, “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.”

I know things are tough right now. I get frustrated, just like everyone else. However, we must trust the One who can tell the winds to stop during all this chaos. Unfortunately, we do not have all the answers to life. But, when it comes to all the questions about the current state of things, corruption, and any of the other distractions we see, we do have the answer, and His name is Jesus. It is all laid out in Scripture. He told us what would come.

When we get a new car or something that others can see, we tend to drive a little slower or take an extra couple of turns through town because we want others to notice. It is merely human nature. We must remember, as believers, that we have the most important news of all times, and we have the call to share it, be that by word or example.

Challenge to present the answer

Have you let Jesus show through you today? Everytime we see the Cross we should remember how blessed we are. Others around us are constantly seeking answers, freedom and joy, in Him all of those exist. Let Him speak through you and show someone that Hope is real.

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About Dr. Andy McDaniel
Dr. Andy McDaniel has served in ministry now for over twenty years. He serves as Sr. Pastor of West Fayetteville Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Pastor Andy and his wife Melissa have three daughters and two grandsons. His passion for those who have yet to meet Christ is deep. In addition to teaching and preaching, he loves to write and produces a daily video lesson called "Making it Simple." You can read more about the author here.

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