A Woman | FAITHFUL: A New Collaboration

A Woman | FAITHFUL: A New Collaboration February 17, 2021

Women in the Bible: The Comeback Tour

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In recent years, scholars and pastoral writers have produced some quality content on women in the Bible. I think specifically of Vindicating the Vixens (2017), a collection of essays by a diverse group of authors revisiting biblical women who have historically been maligned unfairly. Curated and edited by Dr. Sandra Glahn of Dallas Seminary, it remains one of my top recommendations for pastors who plan to teach on those stories and for friends puzzling through them on their own.

Elyse Fitzpatrick and Eric Schumacher collaborated on Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women (Feb. 2020), a broad yet significant study of what God thinks about women. Eric described the book as “a walk through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation highlighting the ways that God used women to carry out the plan of redemption. We want to show that women are not extraneous to God’s plan, but integral—not only in the past but in the present.”

Even I am working on a book with my co-author, answering common questions about the Bible’s message regarding women. More on that in the months to come (it’s still very much in process).

A Sneak Peek into a New Project

Going beyond mere books, a new group of collaborators recently offered its first sampling of content on women in the Bible: the song “A Woman.” Sung by Dove Award-winning songwriter and artist Ellie Holcomb and GRAMMY-winning artist and all-around Christian recording legend Amy Grant, this song explores the perspective of Mary Magdalene, the disciple of Jesus who first witnessed his Resurrection (John 20:11–18). It is the first of a full album’s worth of yet-to-be-released songs.

According to the Faithful Project website, this group of artists, musicians, and writers will collect stories, lyrics, photos, and art centered around women in the Bible. Their Instagram page has begun giving sneak peeks into the making of the album, and they’ve planned a podcast and book as well. Based on the one song released, I have high hopes for the rest.

Whether through reading or hearing, women need to experience the truth of God’s heart for them. The Bible is dominated by male figures who ruled patriarchal societies, so it’s too easy to miss the unique contributions of the women included in Scripture. It’s too easy to miss the unique contribution you have to God’s continuing story.

This new collaboration—notice this trend with all the works I mentioned above? I didn’t choose them for that reason. Just a feature. The Faithful Project promises a multi-faceted, multi-sensory approach to encouraging women and exhorting them to give back their lives to their savior.

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