Solving the Samaritan Riddle

This book attempts to solve the Samaritan riddle that is the focal point of the Dunn Debate. Dr. James D. G. Dunn’s first book, Baptism in the Holy Spirit(1970), claims the New Testament says baptism in the Holy Spirit always occurs simultaneously at conversion-initiation. More info



cover_gospelsinterwoven.jpgThe Gospel & The Gospels Interwoven

Published in 1987, these two books are a harmony of the four gospels of the New Testament in the NIV in a chronological narrative of the life of Jesus Christ while eliminating repetition and reconciling varying accounts. More info



palestinecover_smallPalestine Is Coming

Published in 1990, this book presents my biblically-based solution for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict: let the Jews have their ancestral land,  which includes all of the West Bank, and let the Palestinians have the land of the Philistines, an ancient people of whom the Palestinians derive their name and are genetically linked. More info.


thirdday-covThe Third Day Bible Code

Published by BookPros in 2006, it is softcover and 267 pages in length. This book represents some serious, pioneering research about a repeated third day motif in the Bible. This mysterious, cryptic, and therefore obscure subject occurs mostly in the Old Testament. What does it mean? More info



wfh_smallWarrior from Heaven

Published by BookPros in 2009, it is softcover and 242 pages in length. It is a dramatic narrative about all biblical prophecies that portray the second coming of Christ and all events thereafter. No detail is left behind. Thousands of verses are joined together in a chronological framework and written about in a journalistic style in the present tense. This action-packed, biblical epic is quite engaging, easy reading, and written for the general public. About 15% of it is poetry, half of it from the Bible. More info

rojc_small_lo_resThe Restitution of Jesus Christ

Published in 2008, this book may be the most well-researched, biblically in-depth book to ever challenge the church dogma that Jesus is God while affirming everything else the church has proclaimed about Jesus. This 600-page book is based on a conservative view of the inspiration of the Bible, thus supporting the historical integrity of its four gospels. More info