on earth as it is in heaven 2013-08-25 21:13:00

on earth as it is in heaven 2013-08-25 21:13:00 August 25, 2013

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Last week, Amazima hosted our first support group for Amazima families affected by HIV and AIDS.  It got off to a late start as here in Uganda, “9am” means “around noon.” After everyone showed up, we began with a prayer and the workshop began!

Each person in attendance introduced themselves and shared how they are related to Amazima. Glory was given to God while discussing all of the ways he has carried our families. Through the hard times and the good times, everyone agreed that God is good- ALL the time!

Following introductions, we started the day by going over basic information about HIV and AIDS. Although basic facts are pretty well known among the Ugandan families, they are often times mixed with misinformation. This educational segment of the day provided us with a great opportunity to debunk any myths circling around the communities. Our favorite truth to promote?  HIV is NOT a death sentence!

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