Living by Faith

Living by Faith, Dwelling in Doubt

A Story of Belief, Uncertainty, and Boundless Love
by Kyle R. Cupp


It may seem as if the concept of faith has become a line in the sand: you either have it or you don’t. And if you have questions, then you don’t. But such stark statements like this are not only untrue, but also lead to more questions. Do questions and uncertainties negate our faithfulness? If faith is all or nothing, how do we navigate the in-between and find our own conclusions? What about during difficult times, when we feel especially confused and wonder, “Where is God?” Finding God in our current culture of zealous rhetoric can leave us overwhelmed and uncertain where to turn.

In Living by Faith, Dwelling in Doubt¸ Kyle Cupp explores how the path we take to find our faith requires a mindful examination that ultimately strengthens our connection to God. Nagged by these same issues, Cupp applies his own experiences to dig through the swirling questions of faith. By contemplating topics such as the pursuit of truth, finding God in the bleakest moments, and coming to terms with the unknowing, Cupp discovers that walking through the darkness can lead to true freedom in faith.