To Hope

To Hope November 29, 2021
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If I possess knowledge of the Divine and human world and have no hope,

My life is reduced to an empty void.

If I have the resources to give to charity and have no hope,

My resources will likely remain locked away.

If I could speak in the languages of all people and angels but have no hope,

I would rest in a silent heap.

Hope is what gives life its power.

It is unyielding in the face of disappointment.

It is unbowed in the face of threats.

Hope is the perfect antidote in the face of aggression.

Hope is a comfort in every grief.

It carries every weight.

It enables every good thing.

Hope endures all misfortune,

Calms all fears,

And enlivens the depressed.

Hope is the unshakable, unrivaled foundation on which the house of faith rests.

Hope is the conviction that despite evidence to convince us of the contrary, God is still God and God is still good.

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