Shattered: A Testament to Authenticity in a Marketed World

Shattered: A Testament to Authenticity in a Marketed World March 19, 2024

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash. Shattered: A Testament to Authenticity in a Marketed World. Blog by Jeff McLain.
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash. Shattered: A Testament to Authenticity in a Marketed World.

In a bit, I am going to tell you about Shattered by Rip Wahlberg. Rip Wahlberg’s Shattered is a book that explores what it means to survive and thrive after the worst pains of life. However, first I want to tell you why Shattered by Rip Wahlberg is a book of a different flavor. I find Shattered by Rip Wahlberg different, because it is an authentic testimony in a marketed world. It is a book that someone truly has found joy after the worst of pain, joy that is deep routed in his soul, and has stood the test of the journey after his pain point.

We inhabit a world ravaged by constant distractions, inundated by consumerist desires, and bombarded by noise clamoring for our attention. Moreover, it appears that nearly everyone is promoting a personal brand, platform, course, or product they urge us to buy. If an idea, experience, or skill can be monetized and marketed in today’s time, it seems it is. Personally, all of this overwhelms me. However, I find myself especially disheartened by the amount of individuals who have commodified their struggles and pain journeys. The number of individuals called to embody life within a specific communal context by demonstrating a quiet, faithful, and silent witness and testimony appears to be increasingly diminishing.

Please hear me out, I don’t object to individuals sharing their stories or journeys through books. If you have insights or experiences where you feel compelled by God to invest in others, particularly on a national or global scale, I fully can support that. Yet, I believe the prevalence of the internet has fostered a mentality where we think everything we know, experience, or possess is something others need – a story to be told, a course to be sold, or a brand to leverage as a hustle. The principle of freely giving as you have freely received has been overshadowed by our merchandise-driven culture (Matthew 10:8). I doubt any of Jesus’ disciples charged their disciples for copies of their gospels accounts, nor did they launch courses and pay-to-play ministry schools to teach others how to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons, and so on (Matthew 10:8).

I want a want a reality where our journeys and testimonies are lived and shared in community, not marketed and profited from.

The Rush to Market: Profit Over Process

My primary concern centers around the swift appearance of books and speaking tours following a person’s recent experience of pain or hardship. There is a rush to market in today’s time, and certainly there seems to be an unconscious desire for the need of profit over process. We don’t need more noise of individuals that haven’t fully walked out their journey through healing. Mere emergence from an encounter or experience does not automatically translate to understanding, and the insights shared in the aftermath of trauma lack the depth and wisdom that time and reflection bring.

I understand the allure of the sensational details and gritty realities found in some of the stories that dominate our headlines. It’s natural to be curious about what it’s like to experience such situations. However, it’s essential to recognize that indulging in this type of gossip and sensationalism won’t yield lasting benefits in our lives, nor will it offer long lasting help to the pain points in our lives. Personally, I hesitate to engage with material from individuals who haven’t had the chance to thoroughly process their healing over an extended period. When I encounter someone who has journeyed through their experiences for a decade or more before sharing their story, there’s a sense of authenticity and enduring impact that I find particularly meaningful.

The Power of Authentic Healing: Rip Wahlberg’s Shattered Journey

Over the past decade, I’ve observed my friend Rip Wahlberg walking out his healing while embodying a quiet, faithful, and profound witness within his local community and faith circles. Rip’s journey is marked by profound pain and hardship, having tragically lost his four-year-old son to a traumatic drowning. Rip chose to wait over ten years (until 2023) to share his story in a book. Though Rip’s book offers readers an unwavering vulnerability and raw emotional honesty, what sets Rip’s narrative apart is not only a lack of sensationalism but also insight into how he confronted his own grief. From his own experience, and the experience of walking with others on similar journeys, Rip illuminates how we often mask our pain behind false constructs and distractions. Such a reflection comes from experience of walking a healing journey for sometime.

Divided into three distinct parts, Shattered delving into different facets of Rip’s journey. In the first section, Rip navigates the tumultuous first year after the loss of his son. He candidly shares his thoughts and experiences during this period, highlighting his vulnerability and the overwhelming need for support. The second aspect of the book delves into the theological framework of pain and healing, a perspective Rip has gained through his own traumatic experience. Here, Rip explores how God sought not only to touch his wounds but also to heal the deep-seated pain he carried. Rip exposes common ways people shield their pain and offers insights into healthier responses to mourning and grief. The third part of the book focuses on survival and thriving after life’s most devastating blows. Rip shares stories of God’s faithfulness in the darkest moments, inviting readers to embrace God’s presence in their pain. Testimonies from others who have found freedom from their pain accompany this section, along with reflections from Rip and his family on their journey.

Throughout the book, Rip’s unwavering faith and grace, even in the face of unimaginable loss, serve as a powerful testament to the transformative work of God. His story not only offers hope to those grappling with pain but also equips readers to support loved ones in times of grief. As an author deeply rooted in his faith and with decades of experience in ministry, Rip brings a wealth of wisdom to Shattered. This impactful book, at just 110 pages, is a must-read for anyone seeking solace and understanding in the midst of suffering.

Finding Light in the Shadows: Look for Trustworthy Accounts

In a world where personal brands and products dominate our digital landscape, be careful, look for trustworthy accounts, accounts of those who have done their inner work. The rush to market one’s pain or journey often overshadows the profound process of healing and understanding that is needed for long lasting legacy and fruitfulness. The unintentional and unconscious clamor for profit and platform unknowingly eclipses the importance of genuine reflection and communal sharing.

Amidst this noise, we do find voices like Rip Wahlberg’s, whose story stands as a beacon of authenticity and enduring impact. Rip’s deliberate journey of healing, culminating in the profound insights shared in Shattered, reminds us of the power of authentic healing over sensationalism. Rip’s dedication to sincerely address his inner work has resulted in a roadmap to navigating grief with grace and hope. As we strive for a reality where testimonies are lived and shared in community, let Rip’s journey serve as a reminder that true healing transcends profit, and enduring impact is found in the depth of one’s journey, not the speed of its marketability.

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