Numbers in Luke 3

Numbers in Luke 3 August 18, 2003

Another thought from Luke, this time chapter 3. The genealogy of Jesus in Luke 3 contains 77 names. Several commentators suggest that the names are arranged in 11 groups of 7, and that there is a pattern of 7s (groups of 2 and 3 7s) that provides an overview of history from Adam to Jesus. If this is the case, then Jesus is the first in the 12th group of 7, beginning the completion of Israel (a 12).

Another numerological note: According to Jewish tradition, there were seven prophetesses in Israel. Anna (Luke 2) is called a prophetess, and by this reckoning would be the 8th, fittingly, since she praises God for beginning the 8th day, sending the 8th man.

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