Luke 3-7 Chiasm

Luke 3-7 Chiasm December 31, 2003

A somewhat more expanded treatment of the chiasm of Luke 3-7. Jesus’ baptism and temptation still don’t fit well, but the rest hangs together pretty nicely. Some comments are appended below.

A. John the Baptist’s ministry, 3:1-20
B. Jesus’ baptism, genealogy, temptation, 3:21-4:13
C. Jesus at Nazareth, 4:14-30
Isaiah 61
Enters Capernaum

D. Jesus at Capernaum, 4:31-44
Exorcism (amazement)
Simon’s mother in law
General statement about healing and exorcism
Moves on from Capernaum

E. Call of disciples, 5:1-11 (prayer)
F. Healing of Leper and Paralytic forgiveness), 5:12-26
G. Levi’s conversion and feast, 5:27-39
F’. Healing of withered hand (Sabbath), 6:1-11
E’. Call of 12, 6:12-16 (prayer)
D’. Jesus on the plain, 6:17-7:1
(Prayer, 6:12)
General statement about healing
Enters Capernaum
C’. Jesus as expected one, 7:1-23
Enters Capernaum
Heals Centurion’s son (cf Elisha)
Raises son of widow (cf. Elijah)
Expected one: Is 61
A’. John’s ministry described by Jesus, 7:24-35

Comments: First, in Lk 3 John is asked if he’s the Christ; in the corresponding section in ch 7 John asks Jesus if HE’S the Christ. Second, there is perhaps a link between the children of Abraham in chapter 3 and the children of wisdom in ch 7. Third, ch 3 quotes from Is 40 to describe John’s ministry, and ch 7 quotes from Mal 3. These are combined in Mk 1. Fourth, 4:31 and 7:1 are the only two places where Jesus is said to enter Capernaum (in Lk), which strengthens the connections between these two passages.

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