Gender Arianism

Gender Arianism April 8, 2015

Arians say that the Son isn’t eternal God, but a high-level creature. 

There is a twofold assumption behind Arianism: First, that the Absolute must be un-related. A related Absolute becomes relative to the one to whom it is related. Trinitarian theology rejected this premise and followed Scripture in affirming an eternal, absolute communion of related Persons.

Second, that whatever is second is subordinate. Since the Son comes from the Father, He must be lesser than the Father. Trinitarian theology rejected this premise too: The Second Person is equal to, indeed homoousios, with the First. In fact, the glory of the Father depends on His being Father, that is, on His having a Son; the glory of the First Person as Person depends on the Second.

Feminists reject the Genesis account of creation as misogynist, but they do so only because they have assumed that to be second is to be subordinate. Whereas Trinitarian theology denies the premise. Eve comes second, not as lesser but as the glory of Adam; Eve is the woman without whom the man is “not good.”

Feminism is gender Arianism.

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