Second Exodus

Second Exodus February 3, 2016

In an essay form Israel’s Prophetic Heritage, Bernard W. Anderson analyzes the “exodus typology” in what he calls “second Isaiah” (available here). He acknowledges that “there are numerous linguistic echoes of the Exodus tradition” throughout the text, he finds ten places where “the new exodus is the specific subject” (181-2).

The passages are arranged in two chiasms. I have changed his numeration to bring out the structure:

A. 40.3-5 The highway in the wilderness.

B. 41.17-20 The transformation of the wilderness.

C. 42.14-16 Yhwh leads his people in a way they know not.

B’. 43.1-3 Passing through the waters and the fire.

A’. 43.14-21 A way in the wilderness.


A. 48.20-21 The exodus from Babylon.

B. 49.8-12 The new entry into the Promised Land.

C. 51.9-10 The new victory at the sea.

B’. 52.11-12 The new exodus.

A’. 55.12-13 Israel shall go out in joy and peace

It’s a useful summation of Isaiah’s second exodus.

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