Lord After Death

Lord After Death March 27, 2016

On the third day after Jesus’ death, women came to the tomb to dress the body and found the tomb empty, heard from angels that Jesus had risen from the dead, and shortly after encountered Jesus Himself.

It really happened.

If it really happened, then the power of tyrants is shattered. The power of tyranny is the power of death, but if death is reversible, if dead people do come back to life after life after death, then the tyrant’s sword is impotent and certainly not fearsome.

If it really happened, then Jesus is who He always said He was, the Son of God, the King who would sit on the throne of David. If it really happened, Jesus is sitting on that throne right now, ruling all things.

He is the new kurios, the new world ruler, the new emperor, to whom all principalities and powers are called to submit. If it really happened, then the universe is being governed by Jesus, and there is no corner of the globe, no edge of the universe, where He is not king. Nothing is outside His rule, and we have nothing to fear.

Now change “if” to “since,” and rejoice in the great good news of Jesus’ resurrection as Lord.

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