Lord of Death

Lord of Death March 25, 2016

Jesus’ death does not contradict His sovereignty. It is a revelation of His sovereign Lordship. Jesus’ life and death reveals that God is Lord not only over all things He is Lord in all things.

He is not only Lord over the safe confines of heaven, but Lord in the rough and tumble of Roman and Jewish politics. Not only Lord over galaxies, but Lord in the world of hunger and thirst. Not only the Lord over nations, but the Lord in suffering, injustice, and pain. Not only the Lord over life, but also the Lord and tamer in death.

No human experience is closed to God. We cannot put a sign outside any area of human life that says “God has no business here,” “God may not enter.” We set up obstacles and roadblocks, but the Lord bursts in regardless.

“They crucified the Lord of glory.” This has often been an offense and a scandal. Paul exhorts us instead to make it a boast: Let him who boasts, boast in this Lord, the Lord of glory, the crucified Lord of glory. This is our boast to all the gods of the nations: Our God dies to conquer death. Can yours do that?

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