Quadrigizing Leviticus

Quadrigizing Leviticus October 26, 2018

A brief, sketchy outline applying the quadriga to various topics of Leviticus.

The quadriga.

Fourfold sense: Literal, allegorical, tropological, anagogical.

Examples: Jerusalem; David and Goliath.


*Implies a Christology, an ecclesiology, an ethics, and an eschatology

*Allegory and tropology.

*Faith, hope, love built into hermeneutical.

Quadrigizing the sanctuary.


*Zones and furnishings, according to the pattern (Exodus 25:40).

*God’s house.

*Tent of appointment.

Allegory: What we believe

*Christ tabernacled in flesh.

*Christ the temple.

*Ruin and raising of temple.

Tropology: What we do

*You are temples of the Spirit.

*Sexual purity (1 Cor 6).

Anagogy: What we hope for

*City-temple of new Jerusalem (Rev 21).

*Tabernacle of God with men (Rev 21:3).


Quadrigizing Sacrifice.


*Rite: Lay hand, kill beast, spread blood, burn flesh, eat meal.

*Gate liturgy: Past the sword and fire into the garden.

*Qorban: A thing brought near.

*Service to God; “bread of God” (Leviticus 21-22).

*Wedding feast.

Allegory: Faith

*Christ our Passover.

*Death, resurrection, ascension form a sacrificial sequence.

*Jesus, the Bread from heaven.

Tropology: Love

*Living sacrifices (Rom 12).

*Sharing and hospitality as sacrifice (Heb 13).

*Sacrifice of praise.

*Our acts are true sacrifices because swept up in the sacrifice of Jesus.

Anagogy: Hope

*Sacrifice, ascent, glorification, union with God.

Quadrigizing Purity.


*Sanctuary access.

*Sources of impurity.

*Rites of purification.

*Sanctuary pollutions and land pollutions.

Allegory: Then

*Jesus purifies: His sacrifice is a final purification.

*“Unclean spirits” and the Holy Spirit.

*Barriers broken so that Jews and Gentiles can be knit together as one new man.

*Jesus purifies the heart of Israel by the Spirit, so that cleansing water flows out (John 7).

Tropology: Now

*Re-erecting purity barriers is an offense to the gospel (Gal 2).

*Purity is moralized; land pollutions remain in force (cf. Eph 5:5).

*Sexual immorality and idolatry are focus of rebuke (Rev 2:14, 20; 3:16).

Anagogy: To come

*Hope for a world made clean, a city of pure gold (Rev 21:18, 21).

*A world where all evils have been expelled (Rev 21:27).

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