Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light September 21, 2023

Photo by Emily Guenther

Welcome to the Light Your Path blog! Greetings, Merry Meet, Well Met, Blessed Be and Hail! Light Your Path is my little corner of the internet and a place for me to document my journey and be a part of the collective’s journey. I am a teacher at heart, so I am often looking for ways to converse, learn and share knowledge. My hope is that this blog and the Patheos community will be a place to do that.  

I currently write a regular bi-weekly column called Metaphysical Connection for a local newspaper, The Memphis Flyer. I am also the co-owner of a metaphysical store with locations in West Tennessee. It has been ingrained in me through my other writing and my business to write for, and talk to, everyone in as non-biased a way as possible. When helping the public with their spiritual and/or metaphysical questions, you have to remember that their path is not yours and to approach the problem from a common ground. This is compounded by the fact that the majority of my customers do not identify as Pagan and would not accept any help I gave them if I delivered that advice wrapped in Pagan language or ideas. But my religion and my gods are the foundation that my current life is built on, and I hate to leave them out of the conversation so much. Hence Light Your Path.  

Light Your Path is my business’ official hashtag and as much of a motto as we have. I do want the ideas talked about in this blog to help light your path, but I am also here to light my own path as well. I serve my community in various ways each day. I need moments, places, things and people to help me fill up my own cup when it is dry. The Light Your Path blog is one way for me to do that.  

Let There Be Light

Everyone likes to talk about themselves, and I am no different. However, I am not going to talk about myself just to talk (or write). You want to know if this blog is worth coming back to. You want to know if I’m trustworthy. You want to know if there is a connection between us. And the best way to do that is to let you know about my path and current practices.

Aside from my business, I run two religious groups: a Wiccan church and a Norse kindred. I came to Paganism through Wicca (many of us did) and it is the foundation of my path. I have always been a part of eclectic Wiccan groups which let me incorporate my love of Ancient Egypt and its deities into my practice. I have worked with and spent time with many of the Ancient Egyptian deities such as Bast, Horus, Hathor, Sobek, Set, Anubis and Sekhmet. In fact, I am a daughter of Sekhmet. I dedicated myself to Sekhmet many years ago and she has been a constant source of strength and love in my life since.  

A few years back, the Norse deities started showing up in my life. First Freyr, then Odin, then Hel, Freya, and Loki. It’s a bit of a long story, but needless to say after a few years of running from the Norse gods they got what they wanted. In 2021 I took a formal oath to Odin and now consider myself a daughter of Odin as well as Sekhmet.  

Over the years I have also encountered deities from all over the world. Since I meet a variety of people every day through my work, it benefits me to be able to communicate with them about their needs and spiritual practice. I have taken time to learn about different cultures and mythologies to be better able to help my customers. In the process, I have formed relationships with some deities/beings that I may not have found on my own. I spent a couple of years working with the Orisha, Yemaya and Ogun mostly, although Obatala has always fascinated me. I have had some amazing experiences with Hekate, and Baron Samedi has been a constant thread in my practice for a while now.  

Essentially my spiritual path is rather eclectic, however I do try to keep my devotions and workings separate. My Norse gods have their own altar. Sekhmet has her own altar. My “collect the whole set” of Egyptian deities that I work with and honor have their own altars. If I am doing a spell, I choose the deities who would be the most helpful for the work. I do not try to call on everyone at the same time. Can you imagine the chaos if I tried that? Since Sekhmet and Odin are my two primary deities, I do call on them together for many things as I feel they are the most invested in me. It took some adjusting, but they do work well together – for me at least.  

Illuminating the Path Ahead  

As this blog grows, I plan on sharing my ideas and concepts about Deity, spells, astrology, Pagan sabbats and holy days, and everything in between. I hope that you will stay with me for this journey, and learn and grow along with me.  

I have learned over the years that what works for me, may not work for you. We are each on our own path. I cannot walk your path for you, nor can you walk mine for me. What I can do is share my thoughts and ideas with you, and hopefully give you ideas to light your path.  

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