Check Out These 2 “Life Preservers” For Divorced Catholics

Check Out These 2 “Life Preservers” For Divorced Catholics January 25, 2016

Photo by Cameron Kirby
Photo by Cameron Kirby

Does your divorce have you feeling like you’re barely keeping your head above water? Could you use some support in staying afloat? Well, I have two great “life preservers” to tell you about that can help you find that support and make all the difference.

First: there is something special for all the moms out there who are raising their kids alone and trying to heal from divorce. It’s an online conference for Catholic moms titled, The Faces of Mercy, that begins on Ash Wednesday and will be accessible throughout the entire season of Lent. This is the second online conference offered by author and creator of SmartMartha.Com, Tami Kiser, and the theme is the Year of Mercy. She offered her first online conference offered a year ago with a lineup of amazing speakers and was a major success.

It is not easy for moms to get out to a conference and make time for spiritual growth—yet, we all still need some inspiration and encouragement. The conference is meant to make it very easy to find spiritually enriching material, very applicable to mothers at the click of a mouse. You can participate individually in the comfort of your own home and at your leisure.

One of the amazing things I’ve personally witnessed about this conference is Tami’s dedication to offering something deeply meaningful to her attendees, and the dedication and sacrifice she has put into it. For an entire year, Tami has been traveling around the country filming Catholic speakers such as Mike Aquilina, Jennifer Fulwiler, and Karee Santos, to capture their stories about their experiences with the merciful love of God. It has truly been an amazing witness to me to see her commitment to bring God’s mercy to as many people as possible.

I am honored to be included as one of this year’s presenters sharing a very personal experience of mercy in my life, along with a fantastic lineup of speakers giving talks that are packed with challenging and consoling messages about mercy and forgiveness.

I invite you to register and take advantage of this conference. If you use the coupon code, DUFFY, you will receive $4 off the regular registration price.

Second: I want to offer you something that will be long term help for you. I know that January is a very tough month for people who are divorced. It’s cold, it’s gets dark too early and all the parties and celebrations are over. It can make for a rather depressing time, especially if you live alone. That’s why I have prepared a private Facebook page where subscribers to LisaDuffy.Com can meet and discuss their experiences, ask questions, post prayer intentions, etc. I will also be present at specific times to have group conversations and answer questions in real time. If you would like to be a part of this private group, please sign up on my homepage and you can become a member of this private group. This can be a great community and a wonderful support system for you on the road to healing.

It’s so important for us as a Catholic family to support each other on our journey toward heaven. I hope you will take advantage of these great opportunities to find healing and deepen your relationship with God.

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