Faith in a Time of Pandemic – God’s Love Endures Forever

Faith in a Time of Pandemic – God’s Love Endures Forever July 11, 2020

God’s Steadfast Love Endures Forever

O give thanks to God; for God is good. God’s steadfast love endures forever….With God on my side I do not fear. What can mortals do to me?” (Psalm 117:1, 6)
The Psalmist knew plenty about struggle and threat. Yet, the Psalmist discovered God in the midst of the threat. Threats will come and go. As serious as they are – as dangerous as they are – God will outlast them. “God’s steadfast love endures forever.”

“What can mortals do to me?” The Psalmist was no doubt concerned about political or military foes. Today, our foe is a virus. Yet even the virus is mortal and temporary. It will pass. God is my companion and God’s steadfast love endures forever.

We know plenty about struggle and threat these days. We lament and grieve the deaths from the Coronavirus. We grieve our loss of security and the limits the virus has placed on our lives. God is with us in the storm, inviting us to be faithful. Our faithfulness is revealed in our care for our neighbor, in safe habits, in mask wearing, and sacrificing for the common good.

Let us give thanks for God’s goodness, celebrating God’s love for us, as we share God’s love with others.

Here is “Solid Rock” – from one of my favorite acapella groups, Glad –

Holy One, your steadfast love endures forever. Help me be steadfast in my love for the vulnerable and hurting. Let my gratitude give birth to sacrifice for those in need and for the wellbeing of our communities, nation, and planet. Amen.

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