Faith in a Time of Pandemic – Living in the Uplift

Faith in a Time of Pandemic – Living in the Uplift July 14, 2020

Living in the Uplift

“To you I lift up my eyes.” (Psalm 123)

When I was a child, there was a religious program on the radio called “Look Up and Live.” These days we need perspective. Psalm 121 asserts that when we look up to the hills, we find our help in God.
The Coronavirus can be all-encompassing. We build our days around it. It determines whether and if we go out shopping. It shapes our travel plans. It threatens our wellbeing. But, the Coronavirus isn’t everything!

There are at least three ways people respond to environmental and social change. The first is denial: there’s nothing wrong, the virus is no threat, it will go away by magic if we get the economy going, or it can’t happen to me as I party with friends. The second is to be overwhelmed and see ourselves as weak while the virus is strong. The third response is much healthier: to respond to the virus by innovative behaviors, by seeing it is important but not all important – by changing our behavior, reaching out to others, finding joy and peace right where we are, and knowing that God is our hope and our help.

The virus is real and we need to be careful. We need to wear masks and ask our leaders to work ceaselessly to respond to the threat. But, God will outlast the virus. And, so will we because we are in God’s care.


Loving God, remind us that you are always with us. Help us to affirm the facts, practice safety, and trust you as we explore new behaviors and attitudes. Amen.

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