Faith in a Time of Pandemic – I Call Upon God

Faith in a Time of Pandemic – I Call Upon God July 21, 2020

I Call Upon God

I call upon you, O God, come quickly to me. (Psalm 141:1)
Anne Lamott says that three movements of prayer are “wow,” “thanks,” and “help.” Very few of us want to be dependent. We consider independence one of the most important virtues, something to aspire to. Yet, none of us are self-made nor has any one of us made it thus far on our own.

There is another virtue, just as important as independence, and that is interdependence.
Interdependence is the virtue of relationship and gratitude. The recognition of all the persons and situations that have brought me to my current success. The recognition that I can bring nothing to the table of life without the support of others and the grace and inspiration of God.

Rather than disempowering us, interdependence nurtures healthy agency in persons, families, churches, and nations. No person can go it alone. We need others to flourish. As a teacher, I need students; as writer, I need readers; as a pastor, I need a community; and I proudly confess “ubuntu” – I am because of you!

I call upon God. There are times when asking for “help” is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and another. I must confess that every so often I have a mild version of what may be a panic attack. I can’t catch my breath and I strain for the next one. I begin to feel agitated. I have learned that if I tell Kate I feel better and if I trust God, it will pass. Perhaps it’s residual from childhood asthma or a case of reflux but it is still scary especially in this time of pandemic.
But, those moments remind me that I too am “standin’ in the need of prayer.” I need God along with a deep breath and people who love me.

Call on God in joy and trouble. This isn’t weakness but opening to a power and greater than ourselves that will get us through the dark night and welcome us to a new morning.
Here’s a song of praise – We’ve Come This Far by Faith –

Give me faith to trust you. To call out in prayer. To ask for help. And to share good news wherever I go. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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