Faith in a Time of Pandemic – A Wondrous and Humorous Universe

Faith in a Time of Pandemic – A Wondrous and Humorous Universe August 9, 2020

The World in its Humorous Diversity

The ostrich’s wings flap wildly, though its pinions lack plumage. For it leaves its eggs to the earth and lets them be warmed on the grown, forgetting that a foot my crush them. (Job 39:14-16)
We live in a grand universe, majestic and diverse. Amazing and humorous. In God’s presentation of the universe to Job – Job’s mystical vision – God reveals to Job the unique wonder of the ostrich. Clumsy, burying its head in the sand, laying its eggs in the open and stepping on them accidentally, heedless of danger, the ostrich is still amazing.

We are awesomely and wondrously made, and sometimes humorously made. Think of the amazing uniqueness and humor of creation. These are some of my favorites: the pangolin with its scales (my favorite), the all-seeing hammerhead shark, the breaching whale, the laughing dolphin, the grasshopper chewing on a blade of grass, a dog chasing its tail, and a man who I saw recently who was playing fetch with his dog and forgot the dog was still on a leash (and was dragged down the beach – now that was a sight!).

The world is wonderful and also humorous…let us laugh and rejoice and give thanks for the amazing, tragic, and sometimes humorous world in which we live. As the saying goes, angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

Let us listen to “All Things Bright and Beautiful” – two versions and
Let us rejoice in the joyful and creative fecundity of the universe. Let us delight in the strange and amazing, and wonderful world in which we live….Amen.

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