The Fifth Day of Advent

The Fifth Day of Advent December 3, 2020

Pray Always

All the followers of Jesus were constantly devoting themselves to prayer. (Acts 2:14)

We need guidance. We need a sense of connection. Following the Ascension, Jesus was no longer physically present to his followers. Without him immediately present as their earthly companion, they needed to know that he was still with them. They needed to experience prayerful connection.
Our prayers connect us with God and one another. God is not distant but often we are distant from God.

We need guidance moment by moment and day by day.
Advent prayers give us hope in a changing world. Our world is in crisis, the nation is upheaval, and we need a sense of calm to face the challenges of the day. Prayer does not deny problems or withdraw from the world. It may immerse us in life’s challenges and invite us to become God’s agents in history. Still, prayer connects us with wellsprings of hope, calm, and wisdom.

Let us come to God in prayer with all that is unsolved and uncertain, trusting a wisdom and power greater than our own.

What a friend we have in Jesus –
Let me take everything to you in prayer, loving companion. Let me trust that you will prepare a way where we see know way as we listen to your everlasting word. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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