Why You Can Be Sure of Your Salvation

Why You Can Be Sure of Your Salvation March 13, 2023

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Should we have security about our salvation? There seems to be a divide in the Christian community. A recent study of the scriptures and meditation over the years on what Christ accomplished at his death and resurrection solidifies the debate for me.  There are several scriptures in God’s word which support our ability to be secure about our salvation.  Consider Romans 11:29 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=romans%2011%3A29&version=AMPC;NIV. Here Paul emphasis that God is the one that guarantees based on His goodness  and spring from His initiation.

As a Christian, reading that passage leaves no question in ones mind about one’s salvation. There can be nothing added or taken away once God has decided upon you. That’s good news!

Further, it is based on faith and not works. When Christ died, He fulfilled his purpose of replacing what Adam lost for the human family. His sin caused death and suffering. Christ brought life and hope. His resurrection guarantees our eternal hope and resurrection https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1%20Corinthians%2015%3A51-52&version=KJV.

Why Security in God Matters

Our security with God impacts our relationship with Him. While some may feel that its best to continually scare people with stories about hellfire. Fire and brimstone is not a deterrent to sin. Humans have as much an inherent sin nature as we have Godly qualities. Instead, it is falling in love with God and understanding what He has done for us that will help us desire a close, warm relationship with Him and to believe that such a relationship is possible.

Knowing God as a secure anchor allows us to grow and hopefully in discernment. He states that he does not walk away. Instead, we often drift away. The stronger our relationship, the more we will see the difference in the quality of life we have with and without Him.  We learn that God is both our Father and our friend. Christ is both our Savior and our Shepherd. Fear does not exist and sincere mistakes are allowed for no one can snatch us from their hands. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John%2010%3A28-30&version=NIV;KJV.

Understanding this kind of love creates in use to cry out like the Psalmist David, “create in me a clean heart.” It inspires in us to be our best. Not from the standpoint of comparing ourselves to other Christians or for an outwardly display of “good behavior” but because wherever God is there is peace, joy, security and blessing and those blessings have changed us.

Don’t Waste This Knowledge

Christians are the salt of the earth. We are also the light of the world. We are invited by Christ to let others know the truth of who we are and what we believe using discernment. Called to brighten the corner where we find ourselves, we bring hope to our conversations because of our own hope in God. This hope having come from  meditating on the fact that before we were born, Christ knew us, called us and forgave us.

Let this knowledge change the way you approach life. When faced with certain weaknesses and recurring temptations, remember, Christ has counted you as an overcomer. He has faith and trust in you. Regularly meditating on what is promised to those who are saved and what life will be like in Paradise will remind you of your goal to maintain the peace and joy you have with God. Its worth much more than what the temptation will offer – a few moments of pleasure and perhaps a lifetime of pain.

While there is a warning about sinning against the Holy Spirit for which someone will not be forgiven for their sins, https://www.bible.com/bible/compare/HEB.6.4-6, it is important to remember that the goal of a Christian is to live in faith with love of God as the Center of her life. We do not do this in our own strength. Hebrews 6:4-6 even includes the word, “if” the individual falls away.

Knowledge that God is the one who calls us and makes our salvation secure and does not allow anyone to snatch us from His hand goes a long way in ensuring that our eternal hope is not one that lies in the hand of humans who cannot guarantee even tomorrow. Instead, our eternal hope lies in the hand of the creator who knows the end from the beginning and who is able to keep us from falling.  Our knowledge of this makes our faith strong and our strong faith in Him is what pleases Him greatly.

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Margaret Y. Buapim is a novelist and member of Romance Writer's of America. She enjoys exploring issues of faith as it relates to women. Her first novel Ring Envy is a Christian Fiction Clean Romance novel and is being followed up by a novel which will be in the speculative fiction, Science-Fiction genre. She has contributed articles and author interviews to the award-winning e-zine WOW!Women-On-Writing and is a past recipient of the Los Angeles Area Mensa Award for her Essay Writing. You can read more about the author here.

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