Is Your Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Is Your Beauty Only Skin Deep? September 26, 2023

Is Your Beauty Only Skin Deep?
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The beauty industry is a multi-billion one. We use products and accessories daily to put forth our best appearance.  Indeed, as God says, man looks on the outward appearance. But there is something more important than outward beauty and it withstands the test of time.  It is the true beauty that we are to seek and cultivate.

Of beauty, God’s word says it is fleeting.  We are encouraged to build up and adorn the person on the inside. It even says that what brings the greatest benefit to us is God’s favor upon our lives rather than the opinion of others.

Noted Beauties of the Bible

The bible does say that some are noted for their beauty. Honored by kings for their looks, two such women were Sarah and Queen Esther.

Sarah was both the wife and sister of Abraham. She listened to his voice and regarded him as her Lord. No doubt she was an agreeable companion.  She does not ever appear to rest on her looks and her willingness to leave the land of Ur, with its notable comforts, to venture out in obedience with her husband indicates something of her heart.

Before becoming the Queen, Esther was noted to have the favor of God.  While, likely, she was one of many very beautiful women from whom the King could choose from, her inner quality of humility made her a stand out to the other women, the King’s men and the King himself.

As Queen, she continued her steadfast obedience to the God she had been taught about and turned to him at an important time from a place of great self sacrifice and faith. The courage she displayed in taking action to save her people far outshines her outward appearance. The consequences of her actions continue to be remembered throughout history.

Characteristics that Withstand the Test of Time

The personality and character of a woman is what leaves a lasting impression and withstands the wrinkles and fading of beauty that may come with time.   It is also what God looks at when He sees the individual.  After all, we will be judged by our actions which stem from the heart not by how we were esteemed by others.

With that in mind, the bible recommends that we put on the new personality. Qualities of the new personality are especially pleasing to allow for a life of peace and the attraction of favorable circumstances.

Proverbs 31 also lists qualities that describe the benchmark of a good woman; What stands out is her industriousness.  The exact opposite of vanity which is one of the sins that God hates.

Developing The Inner Woman

While exercise may be beneficial for a little, endurance builds up. We want the grace to take on life with hope and patience.  We want our gray hairs to be obtained in the way of righteousness.

Some things that aid in our developing the inner woman are obedience to God, regular bible reading and meditation, asking for and using wisdom provided by the holy spirit, and having a generous heart.

The word of God is alive and acts as a mirror to our souls. When we read the word of God we can learn what makes God’s heart rejoice. We obey his word and therefore have an accurate sense of self.  We find that we have increased wisdom, less insecurity, and grow in spiritual fruitage. We become beautiful from the inside out when we share our faith.

Being molded by God’s word allows us to have a balanced view of outward and inward beauty. We realize which one stands out to God and we reap the blessing of not being tossed with the waves of what’s popular for the moment. Our lives can then be well spent on building what is lasting rather than relying on the fragility of youth and the subjective notion of beauty.




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