Living out Theology refers to the way that I approach the combination of biblical study, worship, and life. Biblical study is a form of worship of God which has led to my dedication to the study and interpretation of scripture. While I make efforts to not fall back on Denominational frameworks or pre-disposed theological systems, the best in modern scholarship is not set aside.  Simply, if scripture speaks in contradiction to a system, scripture prevails.  My dedication to scriptural discovery is a personal effort to understand the complex glory of God and his intention for the world. Theology is intimately tied to application and to life. Discovery in scripture results in a changed life.

Paul Hinsberg is a doctoral candidate at Liberty University working towards his PhD in Biblical Exposition.  He has a Master’s in Theology from Fuller Seminary.  He considers studies in Hebrew and Greek paramount to additional insight into the biblical text. He lives with his wife Debbie, enjoying every adventure which life in Alaska can provide.

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