You Are Not The “mini-me”

You Are Not The “mini-me” December 19, 2017

The mini-me
The mini-me

The main obstacle to relief from suffering is our current identity, what Einstein called our “optical delusion of consciousness.” Paradoxically, this same identity is trying to solve the problem of our suffering. This identity seems very real, as if it is a separate self that feels located in our heads, like a “mini-me.” Both ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience now agree that there is no physical location of a separate self that can be found in the brain. Living as if there were a separate self inside your head is considered having a mistaken identity, and this is the root of suffering. We will call this mental self-referencing process ego-identification.

Shame-based core stories of being unlovable and worthless are held together by our mistaken identity, but we can be liberated from feeling worthless by shifting into awake awareness. Ego-identification is only one limited way of organizing your identity. Ego-identification is not “you” identifying with “your ego”; it is a pattern of consciousness made up of thinking and ego functions (such as seeking and protection) that form during our early biological development. Once this ego-identification pattern begins to generate the feeling that it has a physical boundary, a central seat of identity is created.

Ego-identification is not our personality, our personal history, or our ego functions, although these are all natural parts of being human. The simple confusion of ego functions (what we do) and self-awareness (the ability to think about thinking) with our identity (who we are) is at the root of this type of existential suffering. Ego-identification is a mental pattern of consciousness that creates the feeling of a “mini-me” inside our heads. It doesn’t have to be fought, repressed, extinguished, denied, or killed. We don’t become a nobody, an angel, or a couch potato. Instead, when we discover awake awareness as our true nature, our ego functions can return to their natural roles and semi-retire from their second job as identity.

To learn more, watch Loch describe the “mini-me” and teach the glimpse method in this short video, HERE. You can also visit his website to learn about upcoming events and his award-winning book and audio of meditations, Shift Into Freedom.

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