A student

A student January 31, 2012

I know very, very little about almost anything.

My earthly dad would be proud of that sentence. I could hear him saying, at nearly 90, “Ahhhhh Da-wei [my Chinese name], now you really know something.”

Maybe my heavenly Dad would feel the same way. The truth is though, I’m not really sure. I don’t know him well enough to say.

Perhaps it is a sign of maturity, of sanctification, of bubbling wisdom to finally conclude how blatheringly ignorant I am about, well, everything.

The proximate cause of this realization is actually some of the thinking I’ve been doing about this blog. I’m at the start of my seminary journey. Though I’ve been a Christian for more than two decades and though I’ve done a bit of reading and learning along the way, I realize how very, very little I know. Thus, my observations and thoughts here are as a student, not a scholar.

I’m reminded of this famous bar scene from Good Will Hunting [warning: language alert]. I think I fundamentally believed that I was more like Will – the guy who actually did know it all. The older I get the more I realize that I’m much more like the pony tail guy who may be able to quote a few paragraphs here and there but who hasn’t yet learned very much.

I hope by the time this journey is done God has made

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