A Psalm for Mariano Rivera

Update: Mariano Rivera declares he will come back – perhaps this season . Yesterday the great, sublime, surreal… Mariano Rivera, the great, sublime, surreal… relief pitcher of the New York Yankees tore his ACL in a freak accident while catching fly balls in the outfield before the game. Almost as bracing as the injury itself [Read More…]

Soccer, Candy Land style

His next soccer game is in a couple of hours. This morning he said he hated soccer – something that predates my assiness of last weekend. Part of it is that he doesn’t understand it. So this morning we had a tutorial, Candy Land style. For those among you who have forgotten, Candy Land is [Read More…]

On being an absolute ass

You know those days that are ruined by chance encounters with asses of the human variety? They appear with stunning unpredictability — at Starbucks,  a doctor’s office, your office,  your son’s soccer game. If it was the latter and you were in Charlotte, North Carolina this past Saturday around 11am at the field by 277 [Read More…]

2011 – annus horibilis? annus mirabilis.

In late 1992, Queen Elizabeth II gave a speech in which she concluded that year – in which Diana wrote a tell-all book, Sarah was photographed topless with a guy sucking on her toes, Windsor Castle burned and various other indignities were suffered – was annus horribilis, literally, the ‘year of horrors.’ I remembered that [Read More…]

Aidan’s bear

Yesterday, my daughter, Livvy and I headed to Build-a-Bear Workshop to get a small bear for my four-year-old son, Aidan. All members of the Kuo clan have a bear with a little speaker in it that holds a short personalized message from me. All except Aidan. So after snatching Livvy from school we ended up [Read More…]

A student

I know very, very little about almost anything. My earthly dad would be proud of that sentence. I could hear him saying, at nearly 90, “Ahhhhh Da-wei [my Chinese name], now you really know something.” Maybe my heavenly Dad would feel the same way. The truth is though, I’m not really sure. I don’t know [Read More…]

CH501 – in six weeks

I’ve got till 3/16 to do 2,000 pages of reading – bad year not to have entered that reading contest some friends put on – write three papers and generally be introduced to the first 1500 years of church history. I think that’s right. But then, next week two other courses start, each with 2,000 [Read More…]

the long obedience delayed

So, if all this happened in May 2011, if I enrolled in seminary and started taking a couple classes in September 2011, if I talked to my dear friend Patton F. Dodd about this blog in September, why is it now January 30, 2012 and nary a thing’s been written? Well, sometimes the long obedience [Read More…]

The long what?

Twenty years ago I had to make a choice –  the CIA or seminary. During a week in May 1991 Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and the Central Intelligence Agency were both interested in me. I had two days to decide – spy or seminarian?  Bond, James or Barth, Karl? Libraries and research or martinis and [Read More…]