Israel Has Gone Past Defending Itself

Israel Has Gone Past Defending Itself April 15, 2024

Israel Has Gone Past Defending Itself with the war they have declared. This war is not a war with Hamas. It is a genocidal war with Palestine.  And Israel is pulling the entire world into its maniacal war, which might end up being World War III.

How did we end up at this stage?


Revenge is the simplest way to describe Netanyahu’s war. No One would deny Israel’s right to defend itself as a nation when attacked. They did so in October 2023. However, this conflict began much earlier.

It began with England signing the Balfour Declaration in 1917. With the declaration, England committed to create a National Home for Jews in the land of Palestine. At the time, Palestine was populated by 90% Palestinian Arabs.  By 1947, Jewish people comprised 33% of the population but owned about 6% of the land.

The UN resolved to create a two-state Nation. A move Palestinians rejected because they would lose over half of their country. On May 15, 1948, ISRAEL announced its establishment.  The next day, the first Arab-Israeli war began.

The two have been fighting ever since.  Now, Israel has occupied the majority of the Palestinian land, and the Palestinians are refugees in their own country. This is an oversimplification, but it is accurate.

Squatter’s Rights

Though Israel now claims the right to the land it occupies, it is squatter’s rights at best.  Israel claims they were the first people in Palestine, and they own the land by birthright. Most Americans and many other nations, which are Christian by majority, side with Israel.

I don’t know if this is because they are afraid to offend God, who favored the Jews in the Bible, or if they hate the Arabs. These other nations have defended Israel with money, weapons, and support over the years. The U.S. even gave them the vaunted Iron Dome for defense against missile strikes.

The problem with the Squatter’s rights mentality is that during war, nations change, and borders change. To the victor goes the spoils. And Israel lost those lands in the many numerous wars over the years.


Colonialism, best defined by Britain bringing their language and way of life to the countries they overtook in wars, is what the State of Israel is.  Britain decided to take land occupied by others and give half of it away to the Jews.

Israel took the ball Britain gave them and ran with it. It eventually warred enough to take near total occupation of Palestine.  And many countries have stood by and allowed it to happen. Now, we are at a crossroads. Many Americans, English, and other UN nations talk about peace, but none are holding Israel’s feet to the fire. They allow Netanyahu to continue his bombing of innocent Palestinians while pleading for peace.

What is America doing about it? Many of the Republican religious right are pushing to give Israel more money and weapons, and this is not a Christian value.

Blood on Our Hands

The United States has blood on our hands.  We are enabling the largest genocide since the Jewish concentration camps in WWII. This time, the Jews are the aggressors.

Netanyahu has declared that his war is justified to kill the innocent Palestinians because they are allowing Hamas to hide behind them and are not chasing them out of their country. He believes that total eradication (the Germans said extermination) is the way to rid the world of  Hamas, even if it kills every Palestinian in the process.  Every Day, the United States and The E.U. allow Israel to continue this genocide, putting more innocent blood on our hands.

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