The Trump Bible: Grifting for Jesus

The Trump Bible: Grifting for Jesus April 1, 2024


The Trump Bible: One day after his bond requirement was reduced by 61%, Donald J Trump started his latest grift by announcing his $60 God Bless the USA version of the King James Bible.


It includes the handwritten chorus of Lee Greenwood’s anthem, which Trump claims inspired this version. Copies of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Pledge of Allegiance are included.


According to the site promoting the Bible, Trump and his acolyte, Lee Greenwood, endorse only this Bible.  I am sure one reason is that the KJV is in the public domain, and Trump doesn’t have to license this version.

The Grift Continues

So, the current grift is to sell a Holy book during Holy Week to help this thrice-indicted, civilly convicted of sexual abuse, morally bankrupt man pay off his fines for his fraud case of $458 million and his SA judgment of $83 Million. He is already hawking his golden high-top sneakers for $399 a pair.


Trump has long associated patriotism and the evangelical right as if they were mutually exclusive. He has catered his message to the far-right Christians and deemed them the true patriots. A banner they proudly wear when they are at his rallies.


I wish I could say that his shameless grifting is a surprise, but I remember the incident where he had the streets of DC blocked off by throwing tear gas so he could march to the front of St. John Church and hold a bible in front of the sign. There is nothing he won’t do to serve himself.

The Trump Bible: Where the Money Goes

The website says Trump does not own the website or the name. However, the NIL agreement with Trump says that CIC Ventures, LTD. licensed Trump’s NIL to the website and receives royalties from sales. According to papers filed last year, Trump is the Manager, President, secretary, and treasurer of CIC Ventures.


The Bible website also states that none of the sales go to Trump’s presidential campaign, and Trump does not own Yeah, we know how that works. He still gets the money through his ownership and control of CIC. He can use the money any way he pleases.

Using God for Personal Gain

What is the saddest part of the whole thing is that Trump is using Christianity and the far-right Christians to pay for all his crimes and indiscretions. And the fact that he has convinced that segment of Christians that they are the only true patriots left in the world, he has Carte Blanc to relieve them of their money to pay for his wrongdoing. I am not the only one who thinks this way. Somehow, they know he is not emulating Christ. However, they still blindly believe he is going to make the USA a Christian Nation where Christianity is the National Religion, and they are the ruling party. In short, they have sold their morals to a con man to gain power. The far-right sect of Christianity is giving the rest of the believers a black eye.


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