Jack Hartjes is/was

  • a cradle-to-old Catholic and nearly original Baby Boomer
  • an heir of the pre- and post- Vatican II Church and the pre- and post-turbulent ‘60’s; a high school and early college seminarian during those transitions
  • a Ph.D. in philosophy from Catholic Universality, Washington, D.C.
  • a husband, father of three, and grandfather of seven
  • a retired teacher of elementary students in Catholic schools
  • interested in Church, theology, liturgy, the Bible, science, children’s books, traditional virtues, social justice, ecological responsibilities, modern insights, and accurate information
  • lector, cantor, and extraordinary minister of communication in my parish
  • author of Read the Way You Talk: A Guide for Lectors, published by Liturgical Press
  • owner of a primitive cabin on an acre of woodland, where I like to lose myself when I’m not lost literally