“Inside Out” and the Ache

“Inside Out” and the Ache July 31, 2015

Image courtesy of IMDB.

Here’s an excerpt from a post over at The Cor Project written by Christopher West’s eldest son, John Paul. If you haven’t seen Inside Out yet, get to it this weekend!

Good stories have always helped me get in touch with the ache in my heart – that burning, yearning, empty feeling we all have inside which is meant to point us to the infinite. Knowing that Pixar has a gift for creating beautiful art, I was anticipating Inside Out for months. But I wasn’t anticipating just how insightful this movie would be. Not only had Pixar created a film that put me in touch with the ache, they had created a film that was actually about the ache … and what to do with it.

You can read the rest here.

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