Guest Posts

As my blog has grown, I’ve come to appreciate the power the blogosphere offers for creating and developing, spreading, and disseminating ideas and viewpoints. I’ve also come to appreciate the untapped talent blogs like mine have the potential to attract. For this reason, from time to time I like to let others make use of this platform I have created showcase their own ideas in the form of guest posts.

If you have an idea for a guest post that fits within my general topical sweep—feminism, atheism, purity, evangelical culture and beliefs, parenting, the Christian Right, social and political commentary—email me with your pitch and I’ll take a look. My email is lovejoyfeminism (at) gmail (dot) com. Make sure to include your name or pseudonym and a brief bio.

Past guest posts include both series (some of which are still open for more submissions) and individual articles.


Guest Series:

Raised Quiverfull

Raised Evangelical

Purity Rings

Homeschool Reflections

An Outsider Reads Elsie Dinsmore

True Woman 101

I Hugged Dating Hello


Individual Posts:

I Hugged Dating Hello, by Molly

Growing Up in Operation Rescue, by Rebecca

Staying In: Growing Up Lesbian in Evangelical America, by Liz

Demons Glitter, and a Guy on the Floor, by Ahab

Christian Right Activism Is a Global Issue, by Ahab

…But I’m Still a Christian, by PerfectNumber

Women Are Your Reward for Being Awesome! by PerfectNumber

Homeschool Regulations and Children’s Rights, by Heatherjanes

Focus on the Family: “Truth Strength . . . Submits,” by Samantha

Focus on the Family: “Feminism Is the Way of Death,” by Samantha