Raised Quiverfull: Adult Children Respond

In the Raised Quiverfull Panel and Raised Quiverfull Project, young adults from families influenced by the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements answer questions about their upbringing, their questioning, and their transition to mainstream culture. These young adults come from an array of backgrounds (no two quiverfull families are identical) and have today arrived at a variety of perspectives (while all have in some form questioned, rethought, and rejected quiverfull ideology, their current positions on religion and family vary).

The Raised Quiverfull Panel

The panel, which was created in the spring of 2012, consists of a battery of questions, each followed by responses from nine young adults from quiverfull backgrounds. This format allows you to see a variety of responses to each question.

The Raised Quiverfull Project 

The project, which is ongoing, is in survey format. In each individual submission, a young adult from a quiverfull background responds to a list of questions about topics as varied as gender, purity, and homeschooling.