Bee Inspired Witchcraft And Magic

Bee Inspired Witchcraft And Magic March 16, 2021

Image credit: Katie Gerrard @ Manic Pagan Dream Grrl for Patheos, created via Canva

The association between witchcraft and bees is perhaps not as well remembered as that between (for example) witchcraft and cats. Bees and magic however are intrinsically linked in our cultural imaginations.

Bees play an important role in the growth of food and flowers (as we know)

For a gardener, they’re invaluable. Whilst you can wander round and individually collect pollen from one plant to add to another, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s much easier to let the bees do that for you.

Perhaps because of their ability to help flowers grow, or their ability to create honey, they’ve often been associated with luck and abundance. And well, magic.

Honey of course also has healing properties in itself.

Like cats and toads, bees have also been considered witch’s helpers

Some accounts noted bees as being the familiars of witches, or the helpers or ‘tools’ of witches. Scottish folklore told of the witch who could shapeshift and travel as a bee, whilst in other areas tales prevail of witches who ‘sent’ bees to upset livestock.

The Witchcraft Museum in Boscastle has a ‘bee charm bag’ within its collection which was said to have been hung to bring good fortune to the home.

(It also sells this marvellous non-dead-insect version)

Bees were also worn for encouraging wealth and abundance.

So with all these things in mind, how can we use the inspiration of the bee within our own witchcraft and spells?

Here are a few ideas:

Garden Bees

You can paint a few rocks with black and yellow stripes and leave them in your vegetable beds. Bless them with energy to either attract real bees to your plants or ‘fertilise’ your garden with their abundance energy.

Marketing Bees

Using your bee familiars to find potential customers and ‘buzz’ your amazing wares is possibly not as effective as facebook ads, but retails in at a lot cheaper! Although you might have a hard time convincing your accountant your marketing bees are expenses.

Money Bees

Carry bee charms in your purse to attract wealth

Reminder Bees

A swarm of bees was considered to be a bad omen. You can use this motif within witchcraft as a ‘reminder’ for someone by sending them a bee swarm. This is a bit witch-gangster so remember your err… ethics here, but if you need something doing and you’ve tried every mundane method of reminding the person, it’s another tool.

Messenger Bees

In a similar way, you can use bee familiars to reach someone with a message. Possibly a swarm in this instance might be overkill, one will probably do the trick. This is another one for emergencies really, like losing your phone or getting lost. Sending the messenger bees with an urgent ‘get in touch’ can be useful in some situations.

Fertility Bees

Using bee sigils or emblems with projects can help them attract wealth and success. If you’re creating a new logo consider adding a little extra fertility by incorporating something bee related.

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