Why “Sending Energy” Or Praying Isn’t Always Best (And What Else You Can Do Instead)

Why “Sending Energy” Or Praying Isn’t Always Best (And What Else You Can Do Instead) July 26, 2021

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Do you send energy or healing to people you know are in need? Or do you pray for them? If you do you’re probably wondering what in the world I could have against such a loving and pure intentioned act.

After all, wishing love or sending strength couldn’t possibly be problematic or make things worse?

Could it?

In some instances, however, it might not be the right thing to do.

Let’s draw a distinction between requested and unsolicited energy sending

Often a person will specifically request energy or positive vibes. Sending energy then would be the right thing to do (if you have enough to spare or time to raise it).

Similarly, non-magical people will often use the term “send hugs”. They don’t literally mean appear at their front door arms outstretched, they want you to offer them your love and sympathy. It would usually be right to send energy or healing or prayers in this instance.

Sometimes a person’s close friend or family will ask for energy to be sent to them when that person is not able to request it themselves. If the situation doesn’t fall into any of the ones I highlight below then this would usually be reasonable too.

It makes me feel better when someone says “Friend has asked me to request healing” or “Please send friend healing, consent given” but usually I take close requests as non-damaging.

Sometimes energy sending is just instinctive, it’s hard to turn off loving thoughts!

It certainly is! When I hear of a friend in pain (physical or emotional) my energy instantly turns towards love and kindness and well wishing. It would be impossible not to glow with positive vibes. I tend to be a bit of a projector so often someone will know when I’m thinking of them.

The difference here however is that nonintentional energy sending through well wishing is ‘softer’ so easier for the person’s subconscious to accept or reject as it needs.

What happens when someone is a different religion to you, but you want to send them energy?

For a lot of people (including me) love and good wishes transcend religion. If you wish me strength via your own deities and belief system I can accept it in the way it was intended.

This isn’t the case for everyone. That doesn’t make them close minded or rejecting of your energy, there are many reasons for this. Some people have had bad experiences within certain religions, or they may have been taught to fear them. There are times for interfaith conversations, when someone is in need of energy from well wishers, that’s not it.

If someone asks for ‘prayers’, ask them if they consent to healing energy instead, or vice versa.

So when isn’t it always a good idea to send energy?

The human brain and body can be a complex thing. Your subconscious is often more in control than you give it credit for and whilst it means well, sometimes it doesn’t do what your conscious brain would.

Sending energy to someone without a clear intent means you don’t have control over how their body and brain will use that energy.

In most instances, it will instinctively know what is needed and direct it to the right place.

But sometimes it just gets itself confused. (As anyone with an autoimmune disorder will vehemently tell you)

PTSD, anxiety, mania, and psychosis can all suck up energy and use it to continue their cycle. Sending energy without intent to someone with a mental health condition can simply fuel their crisis.

Similarly, autoimmune disorders can sometimes use well meaning energy against the person getting better.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out or shouldn’t try to help

Instead, consider ways to send energy which are more targeted.

Here are some ways you can make ‘sending energy’ less likely to cause harm

Ask first

Being aware energy is incoming means a person can direct its intent. Asking permission is much easier to manage than “I have” or “I am” sending energy. Let them plan for your magical current before it hits them, and their subconscious takes control.

Visualise a cup or glowing orb and put the energy into this instead

By using something which the person can visualise drawing energy from you aren’t bombarding them, you’re allowing them to take what they need when they need it.

This is incredibly important for people suffering from a mental health crisis. Don’t overload them.

Visualise a vessel and then describe it to them. This can be a cup to drink from or a fire to warm themselves by, or a glowing ball of light they can put their hands on.

Or choose a favourite piece of jewellery or teddy bear

This can be something you can charge and send them and then ‘top up’ as and when they need it. It could also be something they love and already use to bring them strength and comfort (but if you are using a favourite stuffie make sure you ask the person for consent to do so).

For non magical people the action of visualising can be difficult so using a real life item to hold the energy is a good way to still allow them to seek comfort and energy when they need it.

Send energy through a close friend or family member (with consent of course)

Sending your love and well wishes through a magically competent person means they are able to direct as and when it’s needed but also that everyone is working to the same intent.

This will make the energy stronger and more effective too.

Sending energy, love and prayers is still a beautiful thing to do

And on most occasions, it will be very happily received and bring positive strength.

But please do take a second to consider whether your actions could cause problems and take steps to avoid them.

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