The End of Time – Episode Four – The Quizzical Bible Man

The End of Time – Episode Four – The Quizzical Bible Man October 26, 2018

Every man should be well educated and have basic knowledge of his culture…. Let’s see how much you know! It’s question and answer time with Eduardo QuintanaThe Quizzical Bible Man – About the end of time!

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Who Knows?

Walk into any bookstore in America, secular or Christian, and you will find rows and rows of books on prophecy, the end times.

Turn on the radio or Christian television, and within minutes you’ll be able to hear some radio preacher or television evangelist pronouncing that today’s political event or activity in the Middle East, some new technological advancement or the latest statistics involving crime, the increasing opposition to Christian doctrine or to Christians in general, or some other factor…is a sure sign that we’re living in the last days.

In fact, some of these “teachers” have gone so far as to declare the identity of the antichrist. Others declare the U.N. to be a demonic tool. Some predict a coming world conflict on a scale never experienced before. Others speak of being raptured, snatched away into the clouds to meet Jesus. Still others, however, believe the world will get better and better until the Lord appears, and we will evolve into a great “heaven on earth” existence.

Have You Read?

I examine what the Bible tells us about the events still ahead (the end of time), and the clues it gives us for recognizing how near those events are from happening.

I invite you to open a Bible and turn to the book of Revelation and read it for yourself! It’s fascinating to read these accounts. Let me put it this way:

The End

Scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Center recently reported that one of the largest stars in our galaxy is about to self destruct. Eta Cannae, one hundred times larger than our sun, is giving signs that its life is about over. Researchers say it could become a supernova (an exploding star) within the next 10,000 years. However, since it takes light over 9,000 years to reach the earth, the actual explosion has most likely already occurred.

It is similar in nature to Biblical prophecy. The predictions in Revelation 8 and other places are often written in past tense. Even though the prophet is clearly writing of future events, he’s already “seen” it happen, and in the mind of God the events have already happened.


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