The Most Endangered Species in America and How to Save it in 1 Week!

The Most Endangered Species in America and How to Save it in 1 Week! December 10, 2018

Do you know what the most endangered species in our country is? The most endangered species in our country today is not the California Condor or even the Red Wolf, but the on-fire, passionately alive for Christ, Holy Spirit empowered Christian male. There have been some reported sightings of groups of some such men in various places (usually not in churches), but they are rare. The female of the species is much easier to find. The future of our country and churches is dependent on the recovery of this endangered species. The Christian Man.

The Typical Man

The typical man today is clueless about Christ. If he goes to church at all, it’s usually under pressure from some female, like a wife or his girlfriend. His “religion” is sports, not Jesus. His dislike for church is understandable to some degree, because many churches have been feminized and are teaching “another gospel.” A gospel where Jesus is not Lord, where people are not healed and miracles don’t happen. Many Churches are even omitting basic Christian teachings about the devil, sin, demons, judgment, heaven and hell. These kind of churches have ushered in a generation of churchgoers who believe there is, no battle, no struggle and no mission!

So where did we leave the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Where did we hide the fact that Jesus himself battled Satan in the dessert and later sent his disciples two by two. Churches that leave all these things out are nothing more than group therapy sessions which men hate.

A 2×4 Right Between the Eyes

If men are to come alive in Christ Jesus, they have to be introduced to the real Christ, the biblical Christ! Men must be confronted with the fact that Jesus suffered and died not just for our sins but so that we men could participate in Jesus’ very life and mission on earth, right now. That mission includes death like Jesus, so that others can live!

Men need to be hit with a 2×4 right between the eyes and told that masculinity means to be willing to die for others. If a man is not ready to lay down his life literally and in service for others, HE IS NOT MASCULINE! He may be a male, but he is not masculine. They are not synonymous! We are born male but we need to develop and deepen a masculine character. The first step in that direction is dying to myself and inviting Jesus to take over every aspect of my life, every day. In others words, I die and Jesus takes over and recreates me in His life and mission; and what a wonderful life it is!

Pleased to Crush Him

The bible tells us in Isaiah 53:10, that God the Father was pleased to crush Jesus for us. Think about it – Pleased! We all have probably seen Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the Christ by now. Think about it men, if God the Father was pleased to allow Jesus to undergo that brutal passion and death for us, what was His purpose? Was His purpose just to make us nicer men, to bring us to church on Sunday, to give us a moral code? NO! If all I got going for me is church on Sunday and a moral code on Monday, I’ve been seduced and trapped in a web. I am bankrupt!

The one sole purpose of God our Father being pleased to crush Jesus for our sins, was not to give us a moral code and make us nicer guys. The purpose was to plunge us into that raging, personal, passionate love of Jesus, so that we would be seared by God’s love and turned into completely new creations. To be “incandescent human torches” ignited and purified by the power of Jesus’ love, recreated into prophets and lovers and healers, full of peace, love and holy boldness, witnessing to the extravagant love of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. Not some generic, universal, one size fits all love, but a furious, personal love so deep for us that Jesus would rather die, than be without us.

The Delusion

There is a major delusion in some Christian circles. The delusion being, that I have to be good so God can love me, that if I just try a little harder and cleanup my act more, God will love me. The truth is without God’s love, I can’t be good. Christianity is not what I can do for God so He can love me; Christianity is all about what God can do for me, so I can love Him!

That God loves us unconditionally is not some nice Christian slogan. God loves us just as we are, before we change! We don’t have to be born again, change, repent, converted, holy, etc, for God to love us. He loves us just as we are, not as we should be. He loves us as much now as a sinner as He will when we become a saint and He loves us way beyond our sinfulness, infidelity and unworthiness. God loves us recklessly, scandalously without boundaries, qualifiers, requirements, no small print, no time limits. He can’t stop loving us. He loves us with a raging, unreasonable, unconditional love just as we are. God comes to us in love so we can change! That’s the good news of Jesus Christ.


Christianity is not a moral code of conduct. Christianity is being ambushed by the wild, personal love of Jesus Christ. Until the brilliance of the personal, intimate love of Jesus dawns on the darkness of my soul, I have no idea of what the good news of Jesus Christ means. The day that the roaring love of Jesus illuminates my life, is the day that nothing else in the world will be as attractive to me as Jesus. Until that day, I’m a clueless, gullible, goof-ball wandering around in a dense fog trying to be good, ready to swallow any half truth that comes down the pike, pedaled by any plausible liar.

Our society is in a free fall to decadence and moral anarchy. The only thing that will turn it around, assuming it’s even possible at this late date, is nothing short of men ablaze in the power of God’s love. Men who have been plunged by God the Holy Spirit into the roaring inferno of the passionate love of Jesus. “Men ablaze are invincible, Hell trembles when men kindle“. The strongholds of Satan today are invincible against everything but fire. The Church is powerless without the fire of the Holy Spirit. Without fire, nothing works – salted with fire, everything works.

Incandescent Human Torches

If we are to rescue the masses of men today trapped in their cold dark cells of unbelief, it  will require sold out, free, Holy Spirit anointed men of God with their hair on fire! Holy Spirit anointed men with an attitude! That attitude being, I’m a dead man. Dead to myself and alive to Christ. If we men don’t become“incandescent human torches” for Jesus Christ; we can kiss our kids and grandkids goodbye. We better get use to hearing their screams while Satan chews them up and destroys them.

Wake-up men, heaven is calling us to battle, but we are not hearing the call due to the demands of our lifestyles and our pursuit of self-centered activities. Wake-up men, the hour is very late. There is nothing wrong with sports, but when there is a spiritual war going on and our families are under attack and our kids are being decimated by the enemy, we need to be in full spiritual battle array, not in our jockstraps! This is Why You Should Never be Caught in Your Jockstraps!

So, tell me men, are you ablaze? Is your hair on fire? Have you become an incandescent human torch? If not, why not? What are you waiting for?



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