Do You Want to be the Man of Her Dreams? Here’s How!

Do You Want to be the Man of Her Dreams? Here’s How! September 21, 2018

The only way your marriage is going to be all you want it to be is for both husband and wife to be in tune with Jesus Christ. Getting Jesus first, is the easy part to figure out. How exactly we, men, play our part in the plan is a bit more difficult to evaluate! This is how you can be the man of her dreams!


A Panel of Women debated on what they thought was a perfect man, a guy who was ‘with it’. You would have thought they would have decided upon some actor or athlete even a wealthy tycoon. They decided that the perfect man was MR POTATO HEAD. 4 Reasons: ‘He’s tan, he’s cute, he knows the importance of accessorizing, and if he looks at another girl you can rearrange his face, “the perfect husband!

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