Learn to Love Others the way God Loves Us

Learn to Love Others the way God Loves Us February 13, 2019

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Will you be spending time with your loved ones? What gifts will you be getting? How much will you spend? Will you be getting Chocolates and flowers for your wife? Will you be dying or giving your life for others so that they may live? This seems like a strange question to ask on the day before Valentine’s Day, doesn’t it?

It’s only strange until we understand that God is Love and that if we are to love like God loves, we must be willing to die for others. Will you?

We have covered the love between parents and children and the love we have for ourselves. In today’s article I want to talk about loving like God does.


How much do you love other people? Would you be willing to die for somebody else? Oh, your spouse or your children you would, but how about somebody else that you are not related to? Would you be willing to give your life up for somebody who really hated you?

There are very few people who would ever be willing to die for someone else if it actually came down to that. Even in war where tens of thousands of men are in battle, we see very few incidents of real bravery or sacrifice. They are few and far between. But we do occasionally see men who are willing to die for another.

Jesus was one of those people. He died for you so you wouldn’t have to and then He threw down the gauntlet. He set the example and now, if we claim to be His, He expects us to live up to that example. Most of us, however, never have to worry about giving our lives up for someone else, but we are expected to show the love for others that He showed to us.


JOHN 3:16 says,

‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, so that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

That verse is but one sentence long, yet in it, we see the entire structure of Christianity. And we see that the entire structure of Christianity is wrapped in one word: Love.

God Loves Sinners

D.L. Moody was a renowned American preacher back in the mid 1800’s. He went to England where he was introduced to a young preacher named Henry Moorehouse. During their short conversation, Moorehouse said he wanted to go to America.

Moody, trying to be polite, said that if he did go to America, he should look Moody up and Moody would let him preach in his church. Well, the day came when Moody received a telegram saying Moorehouse was in America and was planning on visiting Moody’s church.

Moody was going to be gone at that time, so he told his wife that he had to let Moorehouse preach once anyway. He told her to let him give one sermon and if everyone liked him, let him preach two.

Moody vs The Love of God

Moody was gone for a week, and when he came back, he asked his wife how Moorehouse was at preaching. She said, “He’s much better than you because he tells people that God loves sinners.” Moody snapped back that God hates sinners. His wife said, “You can tell him tonight, because he is preaching again, for the sixth night in a row.”

Moody did go to the church that night, but circumstances made him a little late. He thought he would sit through the sermon and then tell Moorehouse he had to leave. But by the end of the sermon, Moody’s heart had changed, and he said that was the first time in his life that he really understood the love God has for us.

God Loves You

God loves every single person who has ever walked on this planet. And I am sure that God’s heart has been broken most of the time, because most people reject God. How that must hurt our Lord. But He still pursues us, doesn’t He? I praise God that He pursued me until I wised up. And I praise God that He is pursuing us yet today, forgiving us daily for the many times we fall to temptation.

It’s time now for you to go, and show yourself a man! Love like God does and change this world!


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