Learn How to Love Your Sweetheart the way God Does

Learn How to Love Your Sweetheart the way God Does February 14, 2019

Today is Valentine’s Day! This week, we have been looking at Love. The love a parent has for a child, the love of self, God’s love and now I want to take some time to look into the love between sweethearts. After all, it is Valentine’s Day and that is what most of you are expecting.


We are surrounded by great love stories. We had Jack and Rose in Titanic. Jack was the poor man and Rose was the well-to-do young lady. They fell madly in love and when the ship sank, Jack gave up his life so that Rose could be saved.

There was the story of the love between Romeo and Juliet. Such sweet sorrow, and all that. Then there was the love story of Cleopatra and Anthony. To be truthful, the only thing I could think of when I saw that movie was how much did that thing cost to make? And, of course, who could ever forget “Gone With the Wind?”

One thing these stories all have in common is the absolute love one felt for the other. But like all great works of art, there is some literary leeway included. In other words, they never had any negative human characteristics mixed in.

Typical Love

Here is what I am talking about. A man and a woman fall in love and they begin to make plans for marriage. Do you think during this process they have any arguments? Absolutely not! Why? Because they are in an area of courtship, and that area has no reality in it, just emotion.

But what happens after they have been married for about a year or two? Things start to wear on their nerves. He leaves the toothpaste cap off; she is always on the phone during the game – and she sits right next to you as she talks!

Pretty soon, you start voicing your concerns about how the other is beginning to aggravate you. Well, that pushes their button and, as humans, we cannot let that type of thing go unchecked, so we have something called a “comeback” for them. This presses their button and off they go. Honeymoon is over.

How a Man and a Woman are to Love

But is that the type of love we are to have between a man and a woman?

There is the story of Mary and Joseph. In that culture, it was normal for a young virgin to be married to a middle aged man. Many scholars believe that was the case with Mary and Joseph.

How did they relate to one another? Before the wedding, Mary tells Joseph that she is pregnant by the Holy Spirit, but that she never had relations with Him. How would you men react if that had happened to you? Would you have believed her? I doubt if there is one man in a thousand who would. And I can just imagine the buttons that would have been pushed then.

how did joseph Handle it?

But how did Joseph handle it? Joseph was going to quietly put her out of his life. He cared enough about her to, even in that situation, not make a public fuss over it. But then an angel visited him in a dream and confirmed Mary’s story.

Not only did Joseph keep his promise to marry her, but also when they went to Bethlehem for the census, he let Mary ride the donkey. Now in those days, a good self-respecting man would never have let her ride the donkey, as a man always rode and the women walked.

How do we know she rode if the Bible does not say it? The length of the trip would have been too much on her to walk it. To get there by the census, Joseph would have had to let her ride. So, again, if we are to model our Christian lives after Jesus, maybe we should model our marriage relationships after His parents.

Today is Valentines Day.

I would hope that each of you do something very extraordinary to show how much you love your partner today. I want to give you an example that everybody in here can relate to.

If you want to know what real bonded love is, let’s take a look at a story I read about this week. This is the story of a couple whose names are Don and Purlene. Don was diagnosed with Cancer a few months ago. Their lives were shaken to the core as their dreams to grow old together seemed to have been shattered! Don had to go through Chemo and Radiation Therapy and this 240 pound strong man was reduced to a 90 pound week man who depended on Purlene for everything.

Purlene had to leave her job to care for her husband. Their finances took a turn for the worse because of this sickness. But they endured this together! After going through what they have gone through for the last 10 months, Don was pronounced cancer free last Monday!

The Closeness

The closeness this couple feels with each other is perhaps stronger now than it was ever before. And all this came about because of another love; the love God has for us, and their willingness to seek it in their lives.

As we end this series, do you have real love in your heart? You know that God loves you, but do you love Him? Do you love Him enough to fully surrender yourself to Him?

Do you love God enough to become His? If you do, I want you to make a personal commitment to become God’s Child by giving your life to Jesus.

Now go, and show yourself a man!


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